How To Easily Use Keywords and SEO to Book More Wedding Business

As a wedding pro, the way you market your business is crucial to your success. You need to use the right online marketing techniques, or you could miss out on the traffic and conversions you need to get ahead.

Using SEO and the right keywords is the step down the aisle you need to take. 

Market Research

One of the first SEO techniques you should focus on is making sure you understand your market better than everyone else that is competing with you.

Use free tools like Keyword Planner from Google that help you find the search volume associated with keywords in your niche. Then, you can build effective content.


Keywords used to be the easiest part of SEO. You’d merely insert them throughout your content to try to attract the right clients for your biz.

However, a few years ago Google caught on to this practice. Today, if you stuff keywords then you run the risk of being removed from the search results altogether.

Instead, use the keyword you want to rank for up to 3 times and no more.

Offsite SEO

While onsite SEO is crucial, you also need to develop an offsite strategy that works for your brand. You need backlinks from quality sources in order to climb the ranks.

This includes reaching out to other brands in your niche that are not competitive, such as industry news sites. Ask them to link to your site. This shows Google that your site is more reputable, and they reward you for it by ranking your business higher in a search. 


The way you structure your page in the HTML has a lot to do with how well you rank. If you are trying to rank for “best wedding planner in New York City,” for example, then you should include variations of that keyword in your title tags and h1 and h2 tags.

This way, you are spreading out the SEO juice across the page in crucial spots that help search crawlers identify how relevant your page is to searchers.

When it comes to planning weddings, you already have enough work on your hands. Don’t make things harder by making common marketing mistakes. Leverage these to make being found online through SEO easier and more profitable than ever before, which allows you to focus on what you do best.

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