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Everyone tells you that your wedding business needs a blog.

Everyone tells you why having a wedding business blog is so important.

What nobody is telling you is how to get the content you need to write blog posts without actually writing blog posts.

Well, there are a couple of ways you can go about getting content for your site that does not involve you becoming a professional writer (or blogger). The fastest + easiest way is to buy inexpensive wedding content — PLR content, which stands for private label rights.

What the Heck is PLR Wedding Content, Anyway?

PLR wedding content is pre-written content. It’s not original content so it is not written for one wedding pro to use. It’s written so that any wedding pro that comes along can buy it + use it as they wish.

PLR content comes in the form of articles, blog posts, ebooks + more.

You can use PLR content as is or you can modify + edit it. This is what I suggest you do with either free or paid PLR wedding content that you scoop up.`

Private Label Rights Wedding Content

Although the term “PLR” is commonly used to describe a wide range of content, in its strictest sense, private label rights means that you have the right to change the content, add your name as the author + even resell it for a profit.

However, there are limitations. Although different wedding content providers may have different requirements, you can almost always find that you cannot sell PLR rights to other people. This is likely A-OK with you since you are likely using this wedding content to attract brides + grooms to your blog + your business (+ they don’t want to turn around + sell that content to someone else).

How to Make PLR Wedding Content Your Own

I highly discourage you to cut + paste PLR wedding content directly into your blog, hit publish + never look back.

On the contrary my wedding-planning friend.

Instead, take at least a few minutes to go through the content + make it your own. Minor changes can go a long way in making so-so content great + in giving the wedding content your voice + tone so that it works better for your business. (Plus the Google monster likes it when your content is slightly different from others.)

Adding a photo, modifying words, adding headers + sub-headers. These are just some of the things you can do that can a long way in putting a twist on the wedding content you buy + to put it to work for your wedding blog + business.

You can also edit several articles together to make an eBook or break down a PLR wedding content eBook into multiple articles/blog posts.

Interested in scooping up PLR Wedding Content for your business?

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Wedding PLR Content - 4 Pack

Buy a 9-pack of wedding articles (total 4,500 words) for $21.97

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