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Once you’ve had your wedding blog for a while, you’re going to have a lot of old blog posts. Sure, some of the information on these posts is evergreen (so it doesn’t really change much) + it remains sage advice.

Other wedding blog posts age, however, so the information becomes outdated. You can breathe new life into your old wedding blog posts, which can mean that you attract the search engines + that you attract brides + grooms by running through your old content + doing one or more of these 10 things to update wedding blog posts.


#1 SEO the Title

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in wedding couples finding your content, your blog post, your wedding website/business + you. Focus a lot on optimizing your blog posts so that couples find the information you’re sharing.

Start at the beginning with the title of the wedding blog post. Revise the title to include the keyword you are focusing on for this particular post.

#2 SEO the Link

Then move on to optimizing the URL or permalink for the blog post. Generally, this link is your domain name followed by the title of the post. When you revise the title to include the targeted keyword make sure that you change the link/URL/permalink to also include the keyword.

It’s one more positive step toward optimizing your wedding blog post to help it rank better in the search engines + be found by couples who are planning their weddings.

#3 Re-write + Revamp Copy

If your wedding blog post is a few years old, you’ve been perfecting your writing skills since then. Show it off by going through the copy of the post + re-writing + re-vamping it to show off your refined writing skills. You can finesse sentences, switch out words + do whatever else you need to do to make the copy + content pop.

#4 Fix Spelling + Grammar Errors

We all have typos + errors (even me!). We are, after all, human. Proofread your content to make sure that it is free of spelling + grammar errors, which can be a big turnoff for some brides +grooms. Use a spell check + grammar check program, if you need help in this area.

#5 Update Old Facts + Figures

Update any old stats, facts or figures that you include in the blog post. Again, if the post is 1 year or older, these stats, facts + figures can easily be outdated. This is especially true if you list out dates or years in your posts. For example, a post on the top wedding trends for 2018 became outdated as soon as 2019 began so you can create an entirely new post by going through to update everything in the article that has changed.

#6 Add Links

Go through the post + add links, where appropriate. Add internal links, so links to other blog posts or pages on your site that provide additional information on the wedding topic you’re covering in the post. Also, add external links, so links to blog posts, articles + other websites that provide additional information. It should be said that you should link appropriately + don’t get too crazy with the links. One internal + one external link per post can be sufficient.

#7 Fix Broken Links

Links in your post can be outdated + broken. Check existing links in the post to make sure that it still works + goes to the right page, post or article. Fix + update any broken links so they work again or remove links that cannot be updated or fixed.

#8 Optimize Photos

All of your blog posts should have at least one photo. If it doesn’t, then get on adding at least one photo, pronto! You can optimize your photos, too. Simply name the photo as you save it + upload to your post so that the name of the photo contains the keyword you’re focusing on for the post. If it is an existing photo on the post, you can either rename it + re-upload it or edit the photo name in the post so it contains the keyword.

#9 Create a Pinnable Image

Pinterest is huge for wedding couples so it should be a huge focus for wedding planners. Make sure that all of your posts contain at least one pinnable image. You might notice that I have an image at the top of my post that is on brand for my business + then I have a pinnable image at the end of the post. You can do it the same way or you can have one image that is optimized, on brand + pinnable.

#10 Update the Keyword + Meta Description

Update the keyword (if necessary) to match the keyword you’ve been using throughout your updates. Re-write or revise your meta description. While the meta description doesn’t have anything to do with the search engine ranking, it is what brides + grooms tend to read when your blog post pops up in their search so make sure it contains the keyword + a description that is going to grab their attention.

Updating old wedding blog posts is easy + can go a long way in helping to get your wedding blog posts in front of the brides + grooms that you’re trying to attract to your wedding business.


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