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I read an Entrepreneur article recently about 10 words you shouldn’t be using when writing wedding copy + content for your wedding business.  This is not the only place I’ve seen some of the words that made the list.

Personally, I think the list is bogus + I’ll tell you why.

First, though, here is the list of words.



Words You Should Cut from Writing Wedding Copy + Content

  1. Just
  2. Really
  3. Very
  4. Perhaps/maybe
  5. Quite
  6. Amazing
  7. Literally
  8. Stuff
  9. Things
  10. Got

Disclaimer When I Write Wedding Copy + Content

I don’t use all of these words when I write, but I do use some. I’m not afraid to use them + I’m not afraid to admit I use them. In fact, if you check out my website, my blog posts + my published articles, you “just” might see some of these words flying around.

Why I Say it’s Poppycock

I write for human beings.

I write like I talk. In other words, I write with a conversational tone.

It works for my business + it works for my wedding planner clients. I don’t write for educational journals or textbooks. I write marketing copy + content that helps my wedding planner clients land business.

When people read content + copy that sounds as if they are having a conversation with someone they know, it’s easier for them to relate. The copy resonates with them.

When something resonates with someone (because it’s conversational), they tend to want to read what you’re saying, feel as if they are forming a relationship with you + DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

This is uber important in the wedding industry. If your brides + grooms do not connect with you then they’re probably not going to hire you either so you want to make sure that when you’re writing.

My Point

My point is, don’t let these articles deter you from writing the way you do. If it’s working for you + it’s working for your business, then it’s working.

Can you find a better word than stuff? Sure, sometimes you can. Is the world going to end if you use the word “got?” I think not (huh, that rhymed!).

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