100 Wedding Websites in 100 Days — Wedding Planner Website #4

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A few months ago, I made a vow to review the website copy of 100 wedding planners websites in 100 days. I am honoring my commitment — with 96 more days to go (after today).

Here is contestant #4.

Website #4

Page: About

The good: This About Page is almost on the road to perfection. The planner does a WONDERFUL job of taking the couple on a journey — a journey of what their wedding (+wedding planning process) is going to be like if the couple chooses to work with this planner.

The bad: The spacing, capitalization, and layout need a little work. For example, she has spaces before and after punctuation that doesn’t belong there and words capitalized that shouldn’t be.

The ugly: Her call to action (The Contact Me Today above is clickable), clicks to a bad page. ARGHHHHHHH!!!!

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