100 Wedding Websites in 100 Days — Wedding Planner Website #11

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A few months ago, I made a vow to review the website copy of 100 wedding planner websites in 100 days. I am honoring my commitment — with 89 more days to go (after today).

Here is contestant #11.

Website #11

Page: About

The good: This is another page of copy that I’m having a hard time saying something nice about — no matter how hard I try.

The bad: They’re missing a headline that really grabs the attention of the bride or groom reading the page — and a headline that screams out a big old benefit to the bride/groom.

The ugly: This page is soooooooo self-centered. It is all about the planning firm. It really has nothing to do with the bride/groom. They also talk about their firm (HINT: all those black scribble marks — and there a LOT of them — are the times they mention their firm name) a LOT.

It’d be better to refer to themselves as we/us/our than to continuously say their firm name over and over. It’s best to keep it about their clients rather than them. I know that sounds crazy since this is an About Page, BUT it should be twisted and tweaked to reveal how each credential the planner has is a benefit to the bride/groom.

(I literally almost fell asleep in the few minutes it took me to read this page.)

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