100 Wedding Websites in 100 Days — Wedding Planner Website #5

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A few months ago, I made a vow to review the website copy of 100 wedding planner websites in 100 days. I am honoring my commitment — with 95 more days to go (after today).

Here is contestant #5.

Website #5

Page: Home

The good: The copy/planner does a GREAT job of setting the scene and taking the couple on a journey. This copy is the stuff that wedding dreams are made of, except…

The bad: It is hard to determine that she is a wedding planner. I know that she is a wedding planner, but at times, I almost thought she was a photographer because she uses words like “capture,” BUT she never comes right out and says that she is a wedding planner.

It’s important that you paint a picture or set a scene, BUT that you ALSO make it clear what you do and how working with you benefits them.

The ugly: The font size is REALLY small and hard to read. I have a pretty big computer screen and I still have to squint to read it (even with my contacts in my eyes).

One other thing, the planner also doesn’t let the couple (or Google) know where she operates or what area she covers. If a bride from Oregon lands on this site, is the planner going to be able to help her?

Nobody knows.

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