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When you ask wedding planners what one of their biggest challenges in email marketing is, most cite click-through rates. It may seem mysterious as to what gets brides and grooms to click on the link in your email or e-newsletter, but it really isn’t. While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, use one or more of these four tips to boost the click-through rates your email marketing campaigns.

#1 Target Your Audience

Make sure the emails you are sending to your list are appropriate for the list. When you have different segments of your list, only send emails that are relevant to the segment of the list. It increases the chances that the recipients will click on the link when they are receiving the most relevant and useful emails from you.

For example, if you segment your list by wedding dates, then you wouldn’t send an article on planning a fall wedding to the segment of couples that are planning a spring wedding.

#2 The Content

The information or the message that you send in the emails can affect the click-through rates as well. Brides and grooms tend to react differently to special deals, discounts, and coupons than they do when you share an informational article with them. When you send out a professional-looking HTML email versus a text-only email, reactions tend to differ as well. In other words, carefully consider the content you are including in your emails and e-newsletters. The type of link correlates with the open rates.

#3 Frequency of Emails

Another way to increase the click-through rates is to pay attention to how frequently you send the emails. How often you send out emails to your list can vary drastically according to your list. If you are wedding invitation supplier for retail stores, your store owners probably do not require a daily email, but every two weeks may be more acceptable.

#4 Increase the Number of Links

Each link that your email includes is an opportunity to get a click-through. Strike the right balance between the information you are sharing in the email and the number of links brides and grooms can click.

If your goal is to get couples to click on one or more links in your email, it can be a challenging task. Test each of these four tips to see how it affects your click-through rate. When you find the right elements that increase the click-through rates with the brides and grooms on your list, you have found the right mixture to keep your click-through rates where you want them to be.

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