25 Blog Post Ideas for Wedding Planners

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You’re ready to blog, but you need some inspiration. Wedding topics are right up your alley, but when you sit down to start your post, ideas aren’t coming to your mind.

It’s OK. It happens to all of us.

Here are 25 blog post ideas for wedding planners — just like you. So here we go…

1. Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones

Some loved ones have moved on to a different world + cannot share the wedding day with the wedding couple. Write a post that reveals your creativity + shares 5-10 examples of ways the couple can honor their loved one(s).

2. Top Ways to Recycle Wedding Items

Tons of articles exist on how to host an eco-friendly wedding, but what about all of the items you have when the big day is over. Suggest ways brides + grooms can regain some of their money from gently used or leftover (+ unused) wedding items. It can benefit them + it can benefit new brides that are following in their path down the aisle.

3. Seasonal Trends

Winter, Spring, Summer + Fall…all you have to do is call…Most states have four seasons, which means four glorious seasons of weddings. Share some of this year’s + this season’s trends that they can infuse into their wedding.

4. Picking the Right Attire

Not all bodies are created equal. It doesn’t mean they can’t look fabulous on their big day. Help brides choose the right style of dress for their bodies. Help grooms choose the right attire for theirs.

5. Wedding Website 4-1-1

Wedding websites can be a great way for couples to share info with wedding guests — especially in real time + with up-to-date info. Share some of the top resources with them for building free wedding websites + the information they should share on the site.

6. Theme Pickin’

Even if it is a color scheme, weddings tend to have a theme. Advise couples on how they can pick a theme that fits their personality + all of the innovative ways they can weave their theme into their wedding.

7. Wedding Showcase

Feature one of your own weddings. Reveal details, share photos (preferably pro ones from the photog). Share with brides + grooms how you came up with each of the ideas, the significance it had to the wedding/couple + how you pulled it all off. You can do a series of these blog posts, using different themes, color schemes, etc.

8. Signature Cocktail

Explain what a signature cocktail is + how they can use it at their wedding. You can even share some ideas and recipes, if you are so inclined.

9. The Cost of it All

Share with them the average cost of a wedding. Then, help them compile their own wedding budget with your favorite Wedding Budget Planner or tool. Don’t use a special tool? Share with them tips + tricks to compile their own budget.

10. Dance Song Lists

Create one big list of weddings songs, from the first dance to ones that get guests out on to the dance floor + boogie-woogie-ing. You can also share different list categories as different posts, so you wind up with a series of posts rather than just one blog post.

11. The Dog Days of Weddings

When the couple shares a pet or one has a special four-legged friend, they often want to include their dog (or pet) in their wedding. Share some unique + innovative ways they can include their fur-baby in the big day. You can even drop in a few names of local venues that welcome furry friends with open arms.

12. Planning Timeline

Sure, there are tons of planning timelines floating around the Internet, but it is not your planning timeline. Giving them a comprehensive view of what it takes to plan a wedding can actually work in your favor. They can quickly see how complex it is and how much they need you.

13. Step-Parent Involvement

It can be a sticky situation when step parents are involved (as you well know). Share some tips + advice on maneuvering the situation, including ways they can include their step parents in the wedding (if they so choose to do that).

14. Emergency Kit Assembly

This is a service you likely provide as part of your planning + coordinating duties, BUT, give them a list of the top items (or all of the items) they need to create a wedding day emergency kit. If you don’t want to share a comprehensive list, pick some of the off-the-wall items that they won’t think of on their own and explain why they should include these items in their kit.

15. Hair Styling

Talk about how brides are wearing their hair this year. Coordinate hair styles with dress styles or facial features. Discuss what brides are wearing in their hair — veil or not, flowers, decorative barrettes, etc.

16. Take Them Behind-the-Scenes

Give them a glimpse of what it is like to plan a wedding + pull it off on the big day. Share the disasters you fix or are able to avert. Take them with you (by story or video) as you meet with vendor after vendor to put the entire event together. Show them why they need you rather than tell them that they need you.

17. Photos Around Town

Provide some of the most beautiful, best-kept secrets, or insert adjective here, places around your town or city where they can take wedding photos.

18. Vendor Spotlight

Choose one (or more) of your favorite vendors + showcase their business. Talk about what they do + your experience working with them. You can also choose an interview format, where you ask the vendor questions + then they answer them.

19. DIY

Anything DIY is usually a hot topic with brides. You can share DIY projects for each facet of the wedding in a series of blog posts, or pick one category (such as DIY favors or DIY flowers) + write one blog post about it.

20. Bar

Not the liquor bar, but share instead how they can set up a dessert bar, candy buffet, sundae bar, popcorn bar, or insert your favorite type of bar here.

21. Keep ‘Em Busy

Mom, grandma + auntie — you love them, but boy can they strike a nerve when you’re planning your wedding. Share with them some ideas on how they can keep the “helping meddlers” busy (+ off their backs), in a nice way of course.

22. Etiquette

You can compile one blog post or several all about wedding etiquette. Hit on categories like invitations, who pays for what, writing thank you cards + whatever else you can think of category wise.

23. Celebrity Weddings

Pick apart a recent celeb wedding. Share with them how they can recreate the look + feel of the wedding without writing the big fat check, of course.

24. Twist in Tradition

Pick a non-traditional way couples are planning their wedding (men wearing mengagement rings or men taking their wives’ last names) + discuss it.

25. Sign of the Times

Tell couples how they can use social media for their wedding or use a webcam so guests can attend virtually that cannot physically attend the wedding. Give them an idea on how to use technology to their advantage.

BAM! There you have it — at least 25 blog post ideas to get you started. Now, go write.

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