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If you run a wedding-planning business, you’ve already realized the implementation of effective content marketing strategies can take your organization’s conversion rates from average to exceptional. Marketing is important for any business, and in the wedding industry, getting your name out there is a must. Content marketing is particularly effective in this industry, as it gives curious readers a taste of your company, and draws them in better than a simple banner ad might. At the same time, you may not know which content marketing techniques you should be implementing to make your wedding planning business successful. Below you’ll find just a few of many content marketing faux pas you should avoid this wedding season:

1. Failure To Implement Video Production Strategies

Videos are all the rage so don’t make a marketing faux pas by neglecting to use videos to your business advantage. Research shows brides + grooms are more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article. Creating a  dynamic and engaging video shows wedding couples all the customized wedding services you can provide your clients.

2. Failure To Make Your Content Scannable

Another mistake wedding businesses make is a failure to make their content scannable. You have 7 seconds or less to grab the attention of brides + grooms that are looking at your content so you want them to be able to quickly scan through your content to locate the information they want. When wedding couples have to slowly weed through lines and lines of text to locate the information they want, they become bored or irritated and leave.

If you make a bad habit of consistently produce content that cannot be scanned, they might stop reading your blog or website altogether. To avoid losing your audience + business, be sure you include

1. textual elements such as bullet

2. headers

3. sub-headers

A website copy review can really come in handy. Have someone check the site for easy reading, scannability + navigation.

3. Stealing Other People’s Content

Plagiarism is a big no-no in the content marketing world. When you present other people’s content as your own, you are essentially stealing and lying. If you are caught, your reputation can suffer in many ways.

According to ArticleCity.com, people who procrastinate and throw documents together at the last minute are more likely to copy or not cite/quote properly. It’s important you walk a fine line between restating the ideas of another individual and representing their thoughts as your own. 

A dynamic content marketing campaign can really boost your wedding business. A well-planned content marketing campaign can convert readers into booked wedding business.  Let me help you write compelling web copy that attracts and engages your dream clients!

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