3 Ideas for Capturing Wedding Leads from Your Wedding Biz Website

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It’s a well-known fact that BRIDES + GROOMS love to get stuff for free. As a wedding planner you can capitalize on this phenomenon in order to capture wedding leads from your wedding biz website by giving away something for free on your site in exchange for the bride + groom’s name + email address.

And before you start to hem + haw about them not being quality leads, there is a way to cater your free offer in order to attract the right leads.



Offer Options to Capture Leads from Your Wedding Biz Website

Whether you give away your free offer on the Home Page of your website or you create a special landing page that you drive wedding traffic to, the first step is to make sure that you have a subscription box or form that allows visitors to opt-in to receive your free offer. In exchange for their name + email address they receive your free gift.

You may also want to include one or two questions that they have to answer. These should be qualifying questions to help you understand your visitors better. The questions you pose should be very strategic — allowing you to gather information that is helpful for your wedding business.

You can also opt to gather their name + email upfront. Then, ask the qualifying questions in a follow-up email. The reason being brides + grooms like to hand over as little info upfront as possible.

An Ultimate Guide

An ultimate guide is a tell all on a wedding topic of your choice. It should give them a lot of information on every aspect of whatever the topic is that you choose.

For example, a wedding planner may offer brides + grooms that an ultimate guide that gives them all the information they need to plan the wedding of their dreams on a small budget.

Another option might be an interactive wedding planning checklist. A third option can be a seating arrangement plan. These ultimate or interactive guides come as a download or you give the couple access to a site after they subscribe.

Special Report

Along these same lines, another option for your free giveaway is a special report. A special report is generally a written version of what you may record as an audio file.

For example, a wedding plan can offer a special report on 101 Little Known Ways to Throw a Wedding on a Budget without Sacrificing Your Dreams.


Probably one of the most popular free offers in order to gather wedding lead information is a free e-newsletter. E-newsletters are popular because brides receive free information on an ongoing basis.

Whatever you give away there are two staples of making it a successful lead fishing expedition. First, you have to provide free information that is attractive to brides and grooms planning their wedding.

If you offer relevant information to them and they accept, then you know that they are potential clients for your business. Second, you have to provide really JUICY content without giving too much away. Think long and hard about the information you’re giving away and make sure that it is rich enough to intrigue brides.

It’s Like Dating

It’s like a first date. You want to put your best foot forward and then see where it goes from there. Once you gather their information and show them what you can do, then you can move on to trying to up-sell them into one of your services.

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