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Have you ever landed on the page of a website and couldn’t for the life of you figure out what it is that the company did or what the website offers? You have about 7 seconds or less to explain quickly what it is you do or what your website has to offer wedding couples before they make a snap decision to stay or click away.

I’ve gone to websites where I know what they do (they plan weddings) + still could not figure out what they do from reading their site. That. Is. Scary.

And no wonder your website is not booking you business.

Check out the three must-have copy items on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. of your website.

#1 Attention-Grabbing Headline

It all starts with an attention-grabbing headline or lead-in. On some websites, you’ll see one to three questions as the first item on the home page. The goal of the question or questions is to get the reader to answer yes to the questions + then read on to find out more or to get the answers to the problem.

Other websites have a headline, which may be a statement that shows a benefit to the couples that are visiting your site.

Whichever headline option it is you choose, all of your pages should contain a headline that grabs the attention of the couple and keeps them on the page to see what the rest of it has to say.

(BTW: A headline is not the name of the page, so don’t confuse the two. Need an example? Check out my Work with Me Page to see it in action.)

#2 Create a Need or Desire

When you are writing website copy, you are a storyteller or a picture painter. You need to write it in a way that draws the couple into a situation they identity with so that you can then convince them that they need a wedding planner. When you tell the story the right way, you create a need, a desire for your services, with compelling copy that convinces them to hire you.

#3 Tell Them What to Do Next

Every single page of your website, without exception, should contain a call to action. The call to action is one of the most important items on each page of your site. This is the statement that tells couples when they reach the end of the page what it is that they have to do next.

Call to action statements can be worded in various ways, but typically, it tells them to call, click, buy, email, visit, or to take another action to get the service that they now (desperately) need or want.

When you write copy for each page of your website, write it so that it makes sense. Be very clear so the couple understands what your business or site offers them. Draw them in with an attention-grabbing headline, use a story to engage them + create a need or desire for what you have to offer. Then, tell them what to do to get it. It’s not brain surgery, but it works.

Wanna write web copy so swoonworthy brides (+ grooms) are standing in line to hire you? I do.

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