3 Ways a Freebie Books More Weddings

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You know it — brides + grooms love, love, love free stuff. When I was a wedding planner, I used to call it something that I am too ladylike to share in this post, but I’m sure you know what I am talking about. As a marketing strategy, however, providing potential brides + grooms with some kind of a freebie they can download + use can definitely work to your benefit — it can boost business, book more weddings + book your calendar into next year.

Here is the down + dirty on what a freebie is before we jump into the rest. It is anything that you give away for free when a bride or groom visits your website, as long as she/he types over her/his email address + preferably her/his first name (although this is not a requirement). It can be a free report, a checklist, or a budget worksheet (these are just examples).

Ways a Freebie Book Your Calendar

Now, to get to the three ways an freebies book brides + grooms + fill your calendar.

Pins You as an Expert

When a bride or groom lands on your website for the first time, she/he likely has no clue who you are. She/he might not even know what a wedding planner can do for her/him.

Providing her/him with a valuable free offer that provides valuable wedding information provides you with the opportunity to show that you know your stuff — that you are the expert in the wedding industry + that you are the wedding planner that she or he should be working with to plan their wedding.

Builds Credibility + Trust

Whether you shoot a tips video or hand over a free report that lays out the top five ways to save time + money when planning a wedding, your free offer reveals how credible you are as a wedding planner. Building credibility with brides + grooms cements the foundation for building trust + building a relationship with them.

Building a relationship with wedding couples is the key element to getting them to sign on the dotted line of your contract.

Gives You a Communication Platform

Once you have their hot little email address you now have a communication avenue. You have a chance to start communicating with them.

The key to communication is to share juicy content with them that continues to pin you as the expert that you are + continues to build trust + credibility with them. This is what makes them want to hire you now rather than later.

Shine + Sign

It’s rare that a bride or groom calls you up + books your services via phone or email (although, it does happen). It’s more likely that one of them takes the time to get to know you + gets to know your work before they hire you.

While I can understand your balking at giving away too much info for free, it can work to your benefit if you play your cards right + take a strategic approach to sharing free information.

Wedding couples are information hounds + if you feed them an appetizer of what they seek, they tend to want to buy the whole meal.

One great way to create a free offer is to pull from your blog content. String together several blog posts, add pictures, a cover + some bio info. Voila! You have a short eBook or guide you can send out to your subscribers as they join your list + you’re going to quickly see ways a freebie books more weddings.

Discover step-by-step how to get your wedding biz blog up + running, how to write blog posts that attract the wedding couples you want to work with + promote the posts to draw couples to you like a magnet. Check out my Wedding Biz Blogging eBook.

It’ll be the best $27 investment you’ve ever made.

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