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You know it — brides + grooms love, love, love free stuff. They love those different opt-in ideas that you offer on your website where they hand over an email address + you send them some freebie to their inbox.

When I was a wedding planner, I used to call it something that I am too ladylike to share in this post, but I’m sure you know what I am talking about. As a marketing strategy, however, providing potential brides + grooms with some kind of a freebie they can download + use can definitely work to your benefit — it can grow your email list, boost business, book more weddings + book your calendar into next year.

Here is the down + dirty on what a freebie is before we jump into opt-in ideas. It is anything that you give away for free when a bride or groom visits your website, as long as she/he types over her/his email address + preferably her/his first name (although this is not a requirement). It can be a free report, a checklist, or a budget worksheet (these are just examples).

How Opt-in Ideas Book Your Calendar

Now, to get to the three ways opt-in ideas book brides + grooms + fill your calendar.

1. Pins You as an Expert

When a bride or groom lands on your website for the first time, she/he likely has no clue who you are. She/he might not even know what a wedding planner can do for her/him.

Providing her/him with a valuable free offer (an opt-in) that provides valuable wedding information provides you with the opportunity to show that you know your stuff — that you are the expert in the wedding industry + that you are the wedding planner that she or he should be working with to plan their wedding.

2. Builds Credibility + Trust

Whether you shoot a tips video or hand over a free report that lays out the top five ways to save time + money when planning a wedding, your opt-in reveals how credible you are as a wedding planner. Building credibility with brides + grooms cements the foundation for building trust + building a relationship with them.

Building a relationship with wedding couples is the key element to getting them to sign on the dotted line of your contract.

Your opt-in is your foot in the door. Watching your video or reading your eBook is the foundation of the solid relationship you are starting to build with them.

3. Gives You a Communication Platform

Once you have their hot little email address you now have a way to communicate with the brides + grooms on your email list. The key to communication is to share juicy content with them that continues to pin you as the expert that you are + continues to build trust + credibility with them. This is what makes them want to hire you now rather than later.

Shine + Sign

It’s rare that a bride or groom calls you up + books your services via phone or email (although, it does happen). It’s more likely that one of them takes the time to get to know you + gets to know your work before they hire you.

While I can understand your balking at giving away too much info for free, it can work to your benefit if you play your cards right + take a strategic approach to sharing free information.

Wedding couples are information hounds + if you feed them an appetizer of what they seek, they tend to want to buy the whole meal.

One great way to create an opt-in offer is to pull from your blog content. String together several blog posts, add pictures, a cover + some bio info. Voila! You have a short eBook or guide you can send out to your subscribers as they join your list + you’re going to quickly see ways an opt-in books more weddings.

Now, here are 25 opt-in ideas to get you started. You can use the ideas as is or you can draw inspiration from them to create one of your own opt-in ideas.

25 Opt-in Ideas for Wedding Planners

1. Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist
2. Resource List for Wedding Supplies
3. Theme Wedding Ideas
4. Color Palettes/Mood Boards for Wedding Colors
5. Email Course on Wedding Planning on a Budget
6. How to Choose Wedding Vendors
7. Wedding Invitation Templates
8. Wedding Website Templates
9. Wedding Menu Ideas
10. Questions to Ask Your {Insert Wedding Vendor Here}
11. Wedding Planning Timeline
12. Wedding Budget Spreadsheet
13. The Bride’s Survival Kit to Wedding Planning
14. The Groom’s Survival Kit to Wedding Planning
15. Fun Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to be Your Bridesmaids
16. Fun Ways to Ask Your Groomsmen to be Your Groomsmen
17. 101 Innovative Wedding Ideas
18. Invitation Wording Swipe Files
19. Resource Guide {Compile a resource guide for one aspect of
wedding planning}
20. Behind the Scenes Look at Signing a Vendor Contract
21. Wedding Expert Roundup Guide
22. List of Wedding Apps All Wedding Couples Should Use
23. Guest List + RSVP Tracker
24. 20 Ways to Use Social Media for Your Wedding
25. 25 Ways to Create a Technology Free Wedding

Download the 25 opt-in ideas for wedding planners now.

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