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It may sound mind-numbingly simple, but the best way to grab the attention of dream wedding couples you actually want to work with is to be where they are. Knowing where to find your dreamiest of dream couples is all about identifying who these peeps are in the first place. So, let’s evaluate some of the places your audience may be hanging out and then let’s chat a bit about how to get their attention when you hang out with them.

Now, let’s talk about the ways to grab the attention of dream wedding couples once you get in front of them.

#1 Share with Them to Grab the Attention of Dream Wedding Couples

This is where your personality comes into play, so if you don’t have one, then find one (+ quick). Rather than start right off the bat trying to sell planning packages to every bride + groom, let them get to know you first.

I haven’t met a bride or groom yet that likes to be sold (Who does, right?), so don’t try to sell to them in the first two seconds. Sell yourself first + allow the relationship to build naturally. This doesn’t mean you can’t make an intriguing statement that prompts them to ask what you do — because you can. It simply means you want to avoid the slimy used car salesman approach.

#2 Be an Information Resource

Brides + grooms are information hounds. They are ALWAYS on the hunt for great information about planning their wedding.

(Seriously, people don’t purchase a pair of socks these days without getting a rundown on which socks are the softest, most comfortable socks on the market.)

Become the source of information (on weddings not socks) for your clients + prospects by becoming THE wedding industry expert. This is what grabs the attention of dream wedding couples. Then share information with them by posting on your blog, sending out updates on social media networks with a link to an interesting article you read, or getting reprints of an article + mailing it to the couples on your list with a note that says they may find this interesting.

Yes, I’m referring to good old-fashioned snail-mail here. What grabs the attention of brides + grooms more than getting a piece of mail from you when all of your competition is sending them emails?

#3 Be Present

The old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind” applies in the wedding world. Set aside one hour per day or one day a week + get your marketing messages in place. Rather than shoot out updates on social media networks or blast out emails to your list at random, put a plan in place for the messages you want to deliver.

Then, put these messages on autopilot. You can schedule posts to your blog weeks + even months in advance. Your social media updates can be scheduled out in advance as well (using resources such as Recurpost or a myriad of other options).

Being present also requires you to reply to comments people make on your updates + blog posts + in turn to leave comments on information or updates that others are posting. In a word, being present is all about “interaction.”

Sharing, being a resource + being present is not going to change your ability to grab the attention of dream wedding couples overnight, but is something that builds over time. It allows you to build a relationship with your dreamiest of dream couples. The relationship building is what leads to truly grabbing the attention of dream wedding couples that are going to hire you.

It is highly unlikely that you touch someone one time with a marketing message or social media update + you land them as a wedding client right away. (It happens but it’s not common.)

They’re more likely to hang back + watch for a while to see what you’re all about.

Then, after they feel like you have what they need because you have been sharing with them, being a resource for them + consistently present, this…this is when they are going to make a move to hire you.

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