3 Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Content

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The Internet is full of bland, generic wedding content that gets repeated + duplicated endlessly. The goal of a using content marketing as part of your wedding planning business is to engage your audience (not literally, since brides + grooms are already engaged but you know what I mean).

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I’m here to tell you that providing boring wedding content doesn’t do that. The most effective + engaging content is content that is personalized + relevant to the bride or the groom that is reading it. It’s not hard to personalize your wedding content to make it information that resonates with brides + grooms when you use these three simple steps.

1. Segment Your List

Use the information you have about your brides + grooms to split your list into different segments. Once your list is segmented, you can send each bride + groom only the wedding content that’s relevant to them.

You can split your list by any characteristic you choose. You might opt to do it by wedding date, budget, or package type. Another idea is to segment your list according to how they found you. For example, one category can be for subscribers who joined through your blog, while another can be for those who found you via social media, or at a bridal show.

2. Personalize Site Navigation

Another way to personalize your marketing is to revamp the content categories on your website. Ask yourself, “What are brides + grooms looking for when they hit my site?” Come up with profiles for different types of visitors depending on the information they’re looking for + then create a category for each.

(If you’re looking for a way to create these profiles, check out my post Design Your Dream Wedding Couple to help.)

You can even use visitor profiles as your categories. You might have categories for brides, grooms, mothers, etc. You can also segment it by topic, such as wedding planning, vendors, flowers, photography, etc. It helps visitors to your site know exactly where to go to find the wedding content they seek.

Finally, another way to personalize the experience of navigating your site is to lead first-time visitors to a “Start Here” page. This page provides an overview of what your site has to offer them—how it benefits them–breaks down the categories by telling them what they can find + where to find it. The page can even recommend specific posts that are hot topics.

3. Customize Wedding Content with Custom Landing Pages

You can create landing pages + drive traffic to them. Make your message consistent from the traffic source (such as your Facebook status) to the landing page. If not, there’s a disconnect that may lead your visitors to click away.

For example, if a visitor clicks on a free offer about wedding planning, the link should lead them to a landing page about wedding planning. The landing page they find should offer what they’re looking for when they click the link without having to hunt down the information once they land on the page.

Tools That Help

In order to personalize content, determine why people are on your site—what they are looking to find. Numerous tools exist to help you determine this but it is all about monitoring user behavior to provide you with profile information for your visitors.

Then, you can create content like crazy that answers their burning questions, solves all of their wedding planning problems + keeps them coming back for more.

Spend some time thinking about ways to better customize your wedding website for the brides + grooms that are visiting. You can even involve your wedding clients in the process by asking them for feedback on their experience while visiting your site. Ask the brides + grooms landing on your site to take surveys to determine what your site provides them + what it might be lacking. You can use this feedback to make changes to provide brides + grooms a more personalized experience, using your content to engage them.


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