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Let me ask you something:

Do you feel protected in your business? Like, actually hold-up-in-a-court-of-law protected? Like, Elle Woods protected?

If you’re not sure about whether a wedding planner contract is worth the investment, here are 3 ways a sturdy wedding business contract can protect you + your wedding biz:

1. A wedding planner contract comes in handy when a client goes MIA

We’ve all had situations where clients could have been a little…clearer. But when a client just straight up ghosts you, what can you do?

With a robust contract in place, you have the client’s address, a means to send them to collections (if necessary) + you have all the resources you need to get paid even when the client has virtually disappeared.

2. A wedding planner contract comes in handy for super late paying clients

Hands up if you’ve ever had an invoice paid late!

With a contract, you can clearly state your payment terms so your client pays on time. If they don’t, you can charge a late fee because it’s in your contract!

3. A wedding planner contract comes in handy when a client feels “wronged”

Effective communication + a proper contract are great ways to avoid any of the above situations. But, sometimes, we run into a nightmare client.

It’s reassuring to know that your contracts clearly state what you expect of clients +  when so they can reference this at any time + deliver what is expected as needed.

On the other hand, if you have a vague contract that leaves your clients guessing, they could feel neglected, left out + maybe even fearful that you’re not taking care of them!

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We’ve already talked about how important it is to have a strong contract in place. Here are some that you can have customized + loaded into your CRM in 10 minutes flat.

Wedding business contracts that are part of the sale:

  • Wedding Pros – Wedding planners + other wedding professionals can dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s with contracts just for wedding pros!
  • Graphic or Web Designers – cover your bases for when that client asks for their sixth round of revisions with this bundle
  • Photographers – there’s a great bundle for photographers here, which includes all the things you’ll need to stay protected!

Turnkey Business Binder

This workbook is practically a done-for-you business plan that helps you create a roadmap for your business – a.k.a. the best gift you could give your biz!

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GDPR Compliant Terms & Conditions + Privacy Policy Bundle

Did you know that without a privacy policy, you could be breaking federal law?

If your privacy policy doesn’t have GDPR provisions, you could be breaking an international law?!

When you are transparent with your readers like this, it builds their trust in your website, opinions, products + services.

Save yourself hours of head scratching + staring at a blank Google Doc. Grab yourself this T&C + Privacy Policy bundle.

It’s super easy to customize + add to your website or blog!

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&Cs + Privacy Policy bundle.

It’s super easy to customise and add to your website or blog!

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