3 Easy Ways to Get Wedding Content for Email Marketing

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Shooting out an email to your own list of brides + grooms is still the #1 way to stay in touch, stay top of mind + book a wedding!


The Challenge

The challenge is that it can be time consuming to find the wedding content to create email marketing campaigns.

The Solution

The great news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult to come up with the content for your content marketing campaigns. The even better news is that you can share content that truly excites, engages + motivates your brides + grooms to hire you.

#1 Breathe New Life into Dead Content

Take a look back through your old blog posts, ebooks, articles, or other content that’s sitting on your computer. Maybe you run across an old blog post that is outdated with info.


Update the blog post. Throw in fresh new facts + stats. Add the latest trend info. Reword the intro + conclusion because your writing skills have improved (drastically) since you wrote that article ages ago.

Breathe new life into your old content + turn it into an email you send out to your subscribers.

If it is a published blog post, update it on your blog too. Since search engines, like Google, love fresh + new content, it helps to update your old content to make it new again. 

Check out the free WordPress plugin WP Last Modified. It stamps your blog posts with the date that it was last modified so that brides + grooms know it’s fresh content + so do the search engines!

#2 Send out Blog Posts

Just because a bride or groom subscribes to your list, it does NOT mean they read your blog on a daily basis. Trust me. Even your most devoted fans don’t read your blog everyday.

(You probably don’t even read your blog everyday.)

When you write a new blog post, turn it into an email. You don’t have to send it out right away. You can schedule them to go out over time. You can include the entire article in the email or give them a teaser + send them directly to the post on your blog to read the full article.

This way, you have a steady stream of content going to your list + it’s scheduled out into the future. Time saver alert!

#3 Top 5 or 10 List

Remember how David Letterman had a Top 10 list each night? You can do the same with your blog posts.

Create a list of the top 5 or top 10 most popular blog posts. Create an email with the headline + a link to each post. If they are the most popular blog posts, it’s likely for a reason, so you’re bound to get some more love for them the second time around.

Remember, you’re adding new subscribers that likely haven’t seen these posts before. Even old subscribers might not have seen them the first time around. OR, it’s simply a gentle remember of the fabulous tips, tricks + advice that you share.

 Email Marketing Content Made Easy

Content for your email marketing campaigns do not always have to be whipped up from scratch. You can dig into your existing content, breathe new life into + give it a new format — email!

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