4 Most Popular Ways to Find Beautiful Stock Photos for Your Wedding Biz

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Planners are always oooooo-ing and ahhhhhh-ing over my photos that I use for my blog posts, social media updates + Pinterest. Today, I’m opening the vault that holds my secrets on where I grab the files.

4 Most Popular Ways to Find Beautiful Stock Photos for Your Wedding Biz

  1. SC Stockshop is one of the stock photo shops I use. If you want to pretty up your website, blog, or Instagram feed, check them out. You can search photos by different features including colors, so you can stay on BRAND.
  2. Haute Chocolate: Haute Chocolate is another great option for styled stock photos. This is a membership program, so you can’t just buy one photo here and there. Instead, you sign up at the level you choose and receive styled stock photos in your inbox.
  3. PicJumbo: Great stock photos are so hard to find! I RARELY pay for photos, but want them to look great as part of my blog posts or my teaser banners, or whatever! PicJumbo is a great resource, with fab photos, and it’s free. Register on the site and they deliver FREE and FAB stock photos to you on a pretty regular basis. Sock away those emails and when you need one for something, start looking at the pics you have on hand. Download the ones you need, when you need them.
  4. MorgueFile: This is another FREE source that I use. The drawback is that some of the photos are obviously amateur photos. The positive is that you can search for the pics you need by subject, so it offers more options than PicJumbo in pinpointing exactly what you need.

If you’re ready to pretty up your website, Pinterest, or Instagram, check out these sites to help make your little piece of the Internet a little prettier than it was yesterday.

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  1. Daniel McGarrity
    Daniel McGarrity says:

    Hi there, as a wedding photographer I know my relationship with planners is one of the most important ones I can think of behind the clients themselves, and as I don’t typically see the clients at events over and over, maybe MORE important, so I always encourage planners to go straight to the source- the photographers they work with, not only do they get great examples of their work, not only do they maintain a mutually beneficial relationship, but they foster LOCAL businesses that have a very germane impact on their local network economy- the rising tide theory- often our calendars are misaligned- the needs of the planners tend to fall to the wayside of the editing schedule of the photographer, however a late November coffee date or an early February brunch will net enough pictures and ideas that a whole calendar year worth of posts can be made and doled out throughout the seasons.

  2. Kristie Lorette McCauley
    Kristie Lorette McCauley says:


    Ideally, yes, planners should get professional photos from the photogs that shoot their weddings. Stock photos are great, however, for planners who might not have an arsenal of photos yet (because they are just starting out) to use for Facebook ads or creating promotions (not where they are saying this is a wedding that I planned, but for other reasons). Thanks for checking out my post and commenting!

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