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Four is not necessarily a lucky number, or a number you think of as exceptional, but…Someone recently pointed out to me that some great things come in fours — The Beatles, four-leaf clovers, and the four elements (earth, wind, fire, and water), for example.

So, it got me thinking and scratching my head about how the number four can relate to your copy. I came up with four steps you can take to make sure that when brides receive your emails their fingers are just itchin’ to click on their mouse to read your emails.

Here it goes…

#1 Speak to ‘Em

It’s likely that you have some different groups of people on your email list. Maybe you cater to specific types of weddings, such as small, intimate affairs and weddings that take place at a specific venue. You would NEVER talk to these two groups in the same way. They totally speak a different language and have different needs for their weddings.

So numero uno on the list of four is to make sure your copy speaks to (as in resonates with) the group of brides who are reading it.

#2 Content with Flair

The information you send out has to rock…period. If it doesn’t, go back to the drawing board or can it altogether. After the information itself, the way your email looks is muy importante (I’m practicing my Spanish because I am taking my daughter to a baby Spanish class on Tuesday and my Spanish is rusty!)

Use a pro template and email program (some are free, so don’t sweat it) to make your content look great, so it’s easy to read, easy to follow, and easy to convert potential brides into booked weddings!

#3 Don’t be a Hog

Spread your emails out so that you don’t bombard your audience constantly. Does it tick you off when you sign up for a list and then you receive two or three emails a day and several emails a week? Right. It ticks your audience off to, so don’t do it.

#4 Link Them Up

The content you send to and share with brides doesn’t have it all. What I mean by that is there are other sources, other articles, or other whatever that expand on what you just said. Give them this information by linking (where appropriate) in your article, copy, or content you’re sharing.

Don’t get crazy, but try to share at least one or two links.

So there you have it — your fab four for content. Live by it and it’ll get brides ready to read what you’re sayin’, click on your links, and book you now.

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