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I’m a big advocate for blogging for business because it is one of the least expensive + most effective ways to boost business, build credibility + build your expertise as a wedding expert. While I am an avid blogger + highly recommend that my clients blog at least two to three times a week, I have seen some common + deadly mistakes that wedding planners make.

Non-attention Grabbing Headlines

A bride, groom, or couple visiting your blog looks at the headline first. If you grab their attention with your headline, then they’ll read what you have to say. If you don’t grab them with your headline, then it is a lost cause. A successful blog + blog post starts + ends with fabulous headlines.

Intros that Suck

Sorry if that was too blunt for you, but even if your headline rocks, if your opening sentence or two lulls them to sleep, then forget it! Keep it punchy + interesting right from the start. Make a good point in the opening + carry this greatness through the rest of the post.

If it takes you half your post to get to the point you’re trying to make, you’ve already lost your reader before you get to drive your point home. The first few sentences should provide a preview as to what secrets + juicy information the rest of the post holds.

Just Text

“A picture is worth a thousand words” exists for a reason. People are drawn in by pictures + photographs. In a blog post, a picture or some type of graphic can complement your information.

A picture also breaks up the length of the text, so that it doesn’t look like a jumbled mess of text that is going to bore them to sleep. In fact, the picture may be the first thing that attracts their attention + actually propels them to read what you’re talking about. Guess what? Images are free to use from sites such as Flickr or Morgue File. Pixabay is another great source for great photos.

Lack of “Scan-ability”

If your blog post is just paragraph after paragraph of copy, or worse, just one big long paragraph without breaks, nobody is going to read that mess. The truth of the matter is that most people are scanners before they become readers. They’re in a hurry + they want to quickly assess whether your blog post is worth their time to read.

This means they quickly scan it. If they deem it worthy, then they will go back + read. Use subheads, bold + italics to break up your copy + give it “scan-ability.”

Long Posts

Blog posts, by nature, tend to be short, sweet + to the point. Try to keep the length of your posts as short as 350 words + no more than 500 words, give or take a few. If you have a meaty topic that you want to cover, rather than ramble on for 1,000 words, break it into a two-part series so that you have two 500 word blog posts.


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