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Getting Your Marketing Message Right

Planning your marketing message before you sit down to write it is the key to getting your message down on paper. You know the seven steps of writing marketing copy for your wedding biz:

  1. Identify Your Dreamiest of Dream Clients
  2. Focus on Your Marketing Purpose
  3. Craft Your Attention Grabber
  4. Create a Compelling Message
  5. Package the Benefits
  6. Call on Them to Act
  7. Just Market It

As you reach step six of the system and before you send your copy out for the world to see, you should go back over it to refine it and bring it to its final version.

Refine and Finalize It

So, you have gone through the six steps of getting your marketing copy on paper. What do you do now?

  1. Walk Away

After you write your copy, walk away. Leave your copy for 30 minutes, an hour, an afternoon or a full day. Come back to it with fresh eyes.

(It’s amazing how different your perspective is when you look at the copy as if it is for the first time!)

  1. Put on Your Bride and Groom Hat

Before you start to review your copy, change your mindset so you are thinking like the brides and grooms that hire you. If you were a bride or groom looking for a wedding planner, what information would you look for? What action steps would you want to take next to learn more or to hire you?

  1. Review and Refine the Copy

As you read the copy, shorten it, refine it, revise it, and tighten it up. Look at your word choices and make sure that the words are attention grabbing and meaningful to the person reading it. Ensure that the copy is interesting and compelling and doesn’t bore you or disinterest you.

  1. Check for Copy Elements

Make sure that your copy is short and concise, but that it also covers all of the information. Each piece should contain answers to the questions: who, what, when, where, and (sometimes) why.

  1. Include the Call to Action

When you finish reading the copy, do you know what you need to do next? If not, add in the call to action.

Going through the steps of putting together marketing copy doesn’t end when you finish writing. Use these five steps to refine your copy and bring it to the point where it is ready for the world to preview.

Once you have the content where you want it to be, it is time to use it.

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