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Wedding planners often wonder how much time they need to devote to developing the copy for their website. From the beginning to the end, the copy on your website is just as important, if not more important, than the website design. The next time you sit down to write your website copy, use these five steps to make sure your copy contains all of the necessary elements.

#1 Relevant to the Audience

You have an ideal client – a dream client. When you write website copy, write your message so that it speaks directly to your dreamiest of dream clients. Even if thousands of brides and grooms are reading your website, make it sound like you’re talking directly to the bride or groom that is reading it at that moment.

Use words and phrases into your copy that meet the needs and desires of your dream clients. From the headline at the top of the page to the call to action at the bottom, make sure that you are speaking the language that resonates with the ones you dream about working with for the next year.

#2 A Clear Message

Each page on your website has its own purpose, which means each page on your website should have a crystal clear and concise message. In other words, make sure that you have one clear message for each page. Do not cram too many marketing messages into one page.

For example, if you are promoting a new ebook that you have launched, the website page should announce the launch and the availability of the ebook. Effective marketing copy is clear, concise and easy to understand. If you hand your marketing copy to a stranger, do they understand precisely what you are saying, what you are selling or what you are sharing?

#3 Logical Order

When you read a book, you read it from beginning to end. If you start at the middle or the back of the book, it isn’t going to make sense to you. When you write the copy for your website, make sure you are assembling it in a logical order.

Start at the beginning to write an attention-grabbing headline. Follow-up with a powerful first sentence that gets them to read the rest. Fill in with body copy that gives them what your headline and first sentence promise. Round it out with a call to action that they can’t wait to complete.

#4 Copy that Sizzles and Motivates

If your copy puts your readers to sleep, it does not sizzle and motivate. Use your copy to sell the wedding planning services you’re offering. Use copy that intrigues. Provide enough information to get them interested in learning more and acting on your call to action.

#5 Tell Them What to Do

Don’t leave your dream clients hanging or assume that they know what to do next. Make sure that every website page includes a call to action that tells them precisely what it is you want them do when they finish reading the page. Whether you want them to call you, checkout another page on your site, or book a consultation with you, just tell them.

Use these five tips as a guide to check out your website copy or to write it from scratch. When you mix up these five ingredients, you’re creating website copy that creates a powerful punch and books your calendar with your dream weddings.

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