5 Ways to Add Local SEO to Your Website Copy

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Most wedding planners work in a particular region – or even in a particular city. Being the expert in your field, in your area, is what makes your business thrive. So, now you need to know how to make your website copy SEO friendly so that it attracts the brides that are getting married in your hot spot.

Here are at least five ways to add local SEO to your website copy.

#1 Blog It

Write blog posts on a consistent basis. Twist and turn the copy of your blog posts to include mention of your location or area where you plan weddings.

For example, if you’re a Miami wedding planner, then you can use terms, such as “Miami wedding planner,” “Miami weddings,” or “wedding venues in Miami,” to sprinkle some local SEO into your info-packed blog posts.

Search engines love blogs, so sprinkling in local SEO helps you to show up in the search engine rankings when a bride is searching for terms that relate to wedding planning in your area.

#2 Social Media Sprinkles

Mention your local search terms in your social media updates. Social media updates can rank in the search engines too.

Additionally, when a bride or groom searches social media platforms for local wedding info, your updates, Fan Page + biz page can prominently show.

#3 Hashtag It

Use hashtags in your social media updates and status posts that relate to your local coverage area. If + when a bride or groom searches hashtags such as #miamiweddingplanner, all of you posts tagged with this particular hashtag are going to pop up.


You just made it much easier for your dream brides to find you (and HIRE you)!

#4 Capture Reviews

Turn to review sites, such as Google+ and Yelp. These sites dominate the world of local reviews. You can also tap into wedding industry specific review sites, such as The Knot.

When you have past brides leave reviews for your wedding biz on these sites (which are categorized by location), it helps boost search engine rankings. It also gives you some street cred with brides + grooms that are searching + reading reviews before they hire a wedding pro like you.

#5 Spread it to Content

Copy refers to the text you have on your website, but local SEO sprinkles can trickle into the other content you have on your website + online.

Include local search terms in your other content – videos, pictures, graphs, + charts. When you post pics on Instagram or Pinterest, include your hashtags + local search keywords in your captions + descriptions.

Local SEO is not hard to accomplish. In fact, when you do it right, it can really boost your search engine rankings, which ultimately boosts your booked brides + grooms + books your calendar.

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