5 Ways Wedding Planners Can Use Content Marketing to Book More Weddings

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I’ve said it before + I’ll say it again…wedding content is not just text. Content is anything that gets your message in front of your DREAM wedding couples. In your case, it’s the brides + grooms that you want to work with.

Here are five ways that you can use content marketing like a pro to BOOK MORE WEDDINGS. Some examples are wedding planners + some are not. It doesn’t matter. You can adapt the example for your wedding biz.

#1 Make Memorable Videos

Video marketing is supposed to be ALL. THE. RAGE. Using videos as part of your content marketing strategy is not just about producing videos, though. No. It’s about producing memorable videos—videos that are going to attract, engage + entertain.

Check out this example from the Dollar Shave Club.

#2 Pin it to Win it to Use Wedding Content to Book More Weddings

Pinterest is all the rage. Essentially, it’s an electronic bulletin board (or a series of boards) but, hey, it’s addictive (+ wedding couples are addicted to using it to plan their wedding).

ModCloth tapped into the addiction + SO CAN YOU!


The nitty gritty of the contest doesn’t matter because you can run any kind of contest that requires brides + grooms to pin their ideas from Pinterest.

Brides + grooms planning their weddings are soooooooo using Pinterest already. ModCloth’s campaign is genius because they are using the content on Pinterest to attract BRIDES + GROOMS that are already using the site anyway.

But…that’s not all.

ModCloth is an evil genius because contestants also had to “tag” their pins with the hashtags #weddings + #modcloth. This makes them evil geniuses because these hashtags help the entries to get in front of other BRIDES + GROOMS who are planning their wedding.

#3 How You Use Our Wedding Product/Service Submissions

Invite the users of your product/service, just like Sharpie did, to submit blog posts (with pics) on how they use your product or service.

Sharpie took submissions (+ FILLED THEIR BLOG) with all of the different ways people use Sharpie pens.

Everything from wall art to clothing, decorated coolers + more popped up on the blog.

This is genius because they filled their blog with content they did NOT even have to create.

You can accomplish the same thing with a service-based biz. Have brides + grooms submit ways they used your service.

#4 Instagram It to Use Content to Book More Weddings

Take a pic. Post it. Caption it. That’s what Instagram is all about.

You’re at a meeting with the florist + a wedding couple. The florist has a plethora (+ I do mean a gazillion) types of flowers spread out for the bride + groom to see. Some are real-life flowers. Others are beautiful sample pics or pics from magazines.

Take a semi-close up shot of the spread. Post it on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Just another day at work helping a bride + groom make their wedding dream come true.”

A plug for you + a share of beauty with the world that follows you on Instagram. It’s CONTENT + MARKETING, my wedding-planning friend.

You can do the same with a page from your notebook or a page from your calendar. Blur it out a bit so people cannot read the EXACT details. Caption it with “All of the things on my to-do list so that my wedding couples don’t have to add it to their to-do lists.”


#5 Irresistible Free Offer

If you’re looking to build your mailing list, IFOs (irresistible free offers) are the WAY. TO. GO. You can promote it in soooooooo many ways to drive BRIDES + GROOMS to your site + get them to sign up for your list.

A free offer can be as simple as a checklist or a bit more complex, such as “7 Ways to Remove the Stress from Your Wedding Day.”

The Point

The point of content marketing is to share your knowledge as a wedding pro with the brides + grooms that are likely to buy your services (or wedding products, if you sell them). The catch is that you have to be innovative in the way you share it so it attracts, engages + of course, BOOKS MORE WEDDINGS.