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You can plan a wedding in your sleep (and good for you, girl).

You sit down to write the copy for your website and you…FREEZE.

Or worse, you totally screw it up because YOU. ARE. DOING. IT. WRONG. (Go figure.)

Here are 5 tips to follow to make sure you’re copywriting your way to brides that hire you.

1. It’s All about Them

When you write copy for your site, it’s NOT about you and it’s NOT about search engines.

Huh, you might say?

That’s right.

The copy on your website is about the dreamiest of DREAM brides that you are trying to attract — trying to engage — trying to get to hire you. Write it for them. Write it about them. Use less “we” and “our” and more “you” and “your.”

2. It’s Not War and Peace

Your website is the icebreaker at a party. It is the way your dreamiest of dream wedding couples can get to know you and see if they are interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

This means there is no need to cram your entire life story, the entire life story of your business, and every detail into your website copy. It’s not a copy of War and Peace (or a BAD first date).

Give them just enough 4-1-1 to realize that they want to start a convo with you.

3. A Pretty Design is Not Enough

You can spend all the money you want dressing up a dirty pig, but in the end it is still a dirty pig. The same holds true for your website.

You can pay a website designer big bucks to redesign your website. It can surely pretty it up, BUT (and it’s a big but here) if your content, your copy sucks, then…it isn’t going to change anything.

4. Headlines are Everything

If you learn nothing else when it comes to copywriting, learn how to write bangin’ headlines. A great headline grabs the attention of your dream brides, engages them, and gets them to make a move toward hiring you.

5. A Call to Action is Imperative

EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. on your website requires a call to action. Once you share all the correct amount of 4-1-1 with your brides, tell them what they have to do to take the next step — move them toward signing on the dotted line of your contract, hiring you, and booking their wedding on YOUR calendar.

Writing the copy for your wedding planning website is more than just throwing some text together. It takes specific steps and a specific approach to make sure you write it right.

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