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Odds are good that you have had at least one English class in your school career. English teachers drilled into your head for years that when you write, you have to make sure that you are answering the five Ws — you know what I’m talking about — who, what, when, where, why + (sometimes) how.

In a funny little twist, the same 5 Ws of writing wedding biz website copy “rule” applies when you’re writing web copy for your wedding biz.

Who in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

When it comes to writing web copy, speak directly to your brides + grooms. Sooooo, the answer to the “who” question is answered by using “you” in your writing.

For example, when promoting a workshop where you’re going to teach wedding couples what they need to know about planning their wedding, your copy reads, “Learn how to spot, lock + hire the best of the best vendors for your upcoming wedding. We’re going heels deep in it together, girl, so don’t start thinking runaway bride style on me yet. You’re going under the veil to learn how to find the vendors that fit your style, needs + budget + then how to hire them (contract in writing + all).

Notice how the copy is speaking directly to the bride or groom.

What in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

The “what” portion of your copy explains the point you are trying to make or the announcement you are delivering. To stick to the previous example, which is an email blast to invite wedding couples to register for your workshop, the copy may read, “Snag your spot now for this workshop that walks you down the aisle through the steps you need to take to gather all of the information you need to learn about + hire wedding vendors, so you can put together the wedding of your dreams.”

When in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

Answering the when question is easy when you’re writing copy for a specific event (such as that oh-so-fun workshop we’ve been talking about all this time). In the case of the workshop, you can state the date + time the workshop is taking place.

When you’re writing web copy, the when can be more of a figurative nature. For example, when can be implied, as in “this is happening right now,” so you better get with the program, girl, + hire me right away.

Where in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

The where topic can be very specific or can be of a general nature. When you have an event, then the where is the location of the event. Otherwise, the where may be about your industry, region, or other “area” related to your dream clients. Think, your service area, or region where you offer your fab wedding planning ninja skills.

Why in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

Be super-duper clear as to why you are writing what you’re writing. Typically, your why is to solve a problem or issue that your clients are experiencing. It may look something like, “Are you trying to put together the wedding of your dreams, but feel like you’re stumbling instead of floating down the aisle? Uncover the simple tools + resources to help you find + hire the top wedding vendors that can create your best day ever.”

How in the 5 Ws of Writing Wedding Biz Web Copy

After you tell brides + grooms why you’re writing what you’re writing, it is time to tell them how to act. If you’re trying to get them to register for your workshop, it may be as simple as saying, “Register Now” + have it link to your registration page.

The point is that when you’re writing, make sure you have covered the 5 Ws of wedding biz web copy — who, what, when, where, why + (sometimes) how. It is a test you can run time and again to make sure that you have not left out any pertinent information in the piece you are writing, which also means you are supplying wedding couples with all the info they need to take the action you want them to take.

If you’re ready to learn how to write wedding biz web copy like a pro, check out my Copywriting for Wedding Pros Home Course. It walks you through step-by-step how to write web copy to attract + book more wedding couples than ever before.

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