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You know how there are seven wonders of the world?

Well, there are at least SIX wonders of writing winning website copy for your wedding  biz.

Check ’em out. Use them. Watch your booked wedding business grow.



Here we go.

1. Write an Attention-Grabbing Headline

It’s no secret that more brides and grooms read your headlines than read the rest of your copy. If a bride or groom is deciding whether to open (and read) your email or read what you have to say on your website, the headline is the major part of the decision process. The headline is what propels them to read the rest of what you have to say or to hit the delete button or X out of your website.

I can go on and on about how to write winning headlines, but here are a few quickies:

  • Use words that are hot buttons for your dreamiest of dream couples
  • Use your fave pubs as headliners (mimic the characteristics of headlines that make you take notice)
  • Make it relatable/useful to your niche of wedding couples

2. Be a Storyteller

Everyone loves a good story, right? If you are a good storyteller, you can draw your dreamiest of dream couples in and  take them on a journey that makes them want to know more, hire you, work with you, PAY YOU.

3. Make it Skimmy

That’s skimmy with an “m,” not skinny with an “n.” Break up your copy so it is easy to read. Brides and grooms are busy peeps. They are reading your copy fast and furiously. Use bullet points, italics, sub-headlines, and such to make it easy for couples to skim what you have to say. It makes it more likely that they’ll actually read what you wrote.

4. Write Conversationally

Allow your personality to shine through in the copy. The best way to do this is to write like you speak. It makes couples feel as if they are having a convo with one of their friends — with someone they actually want to work with on planning their wedding.

5. Have Clients Tell ‘Em

Let your past client speak for you. Use testimonials throughout your copy and throughout your website pages. Brides and grooms relate to other brides and grooms, so testimonials are a great way to get couples to hire you — and you don’t even have to say a thing.

6. Use a Call to Action

EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. of your website needs a call to action (some pages can even have more than one call to action). After you lead your dreamiest, yummiest of dream clients on a journey with your story and the stories of clients, tell them what you want them to do now to start their own journey.

Use these highly actionable tips to write your website copy. It can make a difference in the number of couples that visit your website and the number of weddings you end up booking from your website.

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