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You pore over writing your content. You do the research. You write the blog post. You publish it and you wait.

Do you ever wonder if anyone is really reading the content you put so much work + effort into producing?

While getting brides + grooms to your site is half the battle, The other (almost) half is getting wedding couples to read the content you’re sharing with them. (The rest of the battle is getting them to take action from your content.)

Here are seven reasons why brides + grooms aren’t reading your blog posts + seven things you can do to change it.


#1 Too Many Pictures

While pictures can speak a thousand words, too many pictures in one post can distract your readers. Choose one to three photos — if + only if the photos add value to your content.

(Wedding photographers are big culprits of this. Scrolling through a million pictures is NOT fun — for anyone — trust me.)

#2 Too Much Text

Numerous tests + studies are flying around the Internet on just how long your blog posts should be. Most marketing experts agree that a minimum of 300 words is ideal. Others suggest their study findings show that longer blog posts go viral — suggesting that more people are reading the posts + then finding them so valuable that they are sharing them with everyone they know online.

I say, be as concise as possible when writing. Forget about the word count and worry about including the information you need to include to cover the wedding topic you are writing about. That being said, try to keep it around 1,700 words.

If you have more than 2,500 words to say, then turn the topic into several blog posts or create an ebook or special report instead of trying to cram all of the information into one big blog post.

Check out Short vs. Long: Which Packs the Most Powerful Punch When It Comes to SEO for more specifics on how long your blog posts should be + why.

#3 Big Blob of Content

When brides + grooms land on your post + see one big “essay” of text, they move right on to another site. Readability goes out the window when you don’t break up your text.


  • Sub-headings
  • Bullet points
  • Numbered lists
  • Quotes
  • Bold + italic fonts

Use the tools you have at your fingertips to make the copy scannable + readable from the point of view of wedding couples.

#4 Small Font Size

Ensure that the size of the font you are using is big enough for the average person to read. If the font is too small or too big, it makes it difficult for the bride + groom to follow along with what you are saying.

Standard font size is typically between 11 and 12. Try to stick to this font size to help make your content readable. If you can go bigger without making it ridiculously large then you can go larger.

#5 Content is Formal

You’re not running an academic blog (or a formal blog of any nature), soooooooooo be conversational with your readers. Writing in a conversational tone helps to draw wedding couples in because they tend to feel as if you are speaking directly to them.

In other words, write as if you are talking to them.Use words such as “I” and “you.” Write with more of a casual tone instead of a stiff + formal one.

#6 Lack of White Space

White space is your friend. Form new paragraphs + new lines as you write your content.

Don’t feel the need to cram text + pictures into every corner of your blog post. Creating white space is similar to using sub-headings + bullet points; it breaks up your text, making your content more scannable + readable.

#7 You Don’t Wrap it Up

At the end of your post, write a summary or conclusion. For those brides + grooms that scan your post, a concluding paragraph is a good way to let them know the valuable information that the bulk of the post includes.

For the scanners in the group, reading the conclusion often sends them back to the top of your post to read the meat + potatoes (or cake + frosting) of what your post offers.

It’s a Wrap

So there you have it — the seven reasons why brides + grooms land on your blog post BUT don’t read it. By implementing these seven easy steps, you can increase the number of wedding couples that read your post. Then, you just have to work on converting those brides + grooms into booked weddings.

We’ll save that battle for another day.

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