8 Reasons to Use Wedding Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the MAJOR players in the marketing (especially when it comes to the wedding industry). If you’re not sold yet on using wedding content as a marketing tool to pull wedding couples to your site to convert them into booked weddings (aka as cold-hard cash for your wedding business), then listen up (or read up).

Your mind is about to be blown!



#1 Content Marketing Has a Conversion Rate 6x Higher

Businesses and sites using content marketing convert six times more visitors than businesses that do not use content.

#2 Content Marketing Has a Higher Closing Rate

Organic search leads (those that come from wedding couples searching online) that bring wedding couples to your wedding content have a higher closing rate than other types of marketing. Think about Susie Bride, that has a wedding planning problem, who searches for answers to the problem online. BAM! She finds your wedding content that contains the solution to her problem.) Content marketing closing rates are 14.6%, while outbound leads (like sales calls) only close in the neighborhood of 1.7%.

Moral of the Story: When you push your content out into the wedding universe, the search engines pick it up. Brides + grooms find it in their searches. When they read your content, they hire you. The best part is that this kind of marketing doesn’t cost you a dime.

#3 Content Marketing Delivers More Leads

Content marketing bring 54% more wedding leads than outbound marketing efforts. That’s more than double the leads, my wedding-planning friend. That’s more than double the chance to convert those wedding leads into booked weddings!

#4 Your Ideal Wedding Couple Love Content

Ninety percent (that’s almost 100%) of consumers say that they find custom content USEFUL. If a bride or groom finds that you are providing useful wedding content, information, tips + advice, it is reasonable to conclude that they are going to see you an expert, as a source of information in the world of weddings + maybe even hire you for their wedding.

#5 It Shows DREAM Clients You Care

Seventy-eight percent of your dream brides + grooms say that wedding pros sharing custom content (content that is USEFUL + relevant to them) want to build good relationships with them.

#6 Ideal Wedding Couples are Looking for Content

Brides admit to spending half of their time online (50%) searching for content—searching for information. When you give them the content they seek, you’re putting your company in a position to do business with your dream brides. Think about that!

#7 Content Drives Sales

More than half, 60%, of consumers that read content about a specific product or service make a purchase or hire the service provider. This is HUGE. More than half of the couples that are reading content use this as a jumping off point for hiring a service provider or for buying a product that relates to content topic.

#8 Desire Info over Advertising

Wedding couples crave information about planning their wedding. Content that you write + share with them provides wedding couples with this information. The stats prove this because 70% say they would rather get to know a business/professional by reading their content than reading their advertisements. Brides + grooms are not dumb. They know when they are being marketed to with an ad.

These facts + figures can quickly reveal why content should be part of your marketing plan. Get your content out into the wedding universe so you can start to attract more wedding couples + book more weddings.

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