Aisle Planner Announces A Seating + Layout Feature

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By popular demand, Aisle Planner now offers seating arrangement features and room layouts. Woo hoo!

If you are looking for a robust suite of tools to organize + manage your planning clients + weddings, you have found the right tool with Aisle Planner.  Now you can use Aisle Planner for non-wedding events too (such as photo shoots, parties, corporate events, and personal projects)!

Exciting. WISH this program was around when I was a wedding planner. My good friend Meghan at Aisle Planner gave me free access to take this baby on a spin + it is magnificent.

It. Is. A. Must.

Meghan also wants you to enjoy 25% off for the first THREE MONTHS on her (+me), so enter promo code WeddingPlannerCopy to save.

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