5 Things All Your Wedding Emails Should Have

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Brides + grooms jump on your list because they want the MAJOR scoop from you on anything + everything that has to do with weddings. Email marketing is your chance to communicate with them — slowly but surely, or fast + furiously turning them into booked weddings on your calendar.

It’s also worth mentioning that emails can be very effective, no matter how big or small your subscriber list is. It’s quality over quantity in these situations + as you continue to grow your list, you’ll have quality + quantity on your side.

So, let’s get into the nitty gritty on just what those emails should contain.

5 Essential Parts of Every Email

In order to make sure that your emails are effective, make sure that all of your email promotions include these five elements.

#1 Personalization

You want the wedding couples to feel as if you’re speaking directly to them (even if this email just landed in thousands of inboxes across the city). One way to help your email look less like a sales attempt + more like a personal message is to use the bride or groom’s name.

Email programs all have personalization capabilities.

#2 Introduction

The next piece of your email should be a 1-3 sentence introduction. This is simply a preview of what the email has to offer them before launching into a sales pitch. Then you can move on to the details of the offer.

#3 Use sub-heads, bullet points, bold + italic fonts

Break up your email by using sub-headlines, bullet points, bold fonts + italics (take a glance through this blog post to see it in action). This helps from overwhelming the bride + groom with a complete page of text. It can also help to capture the attention of skimmers — brides + grooms that skim rather than read from beginning to end.

Skimmers quickly scan the email to see if it contains information that interests them. If something grabs their attention, they’ll go back + read the entire message from beginning to end, but if they don’t they hit the delete button.

#4 Tell them what you want them to do next

Never assume that brides + grooms know what to do when they finish reading your email. It sounds so basic (like, duh!), but trust me when I tell you that you have to just come right out + point them in the right direction.

Always include a call-to-action statement at the end of your email with statements such as, “Click here for your free download,” with a link to your website or “Call me today for a free consultation 305.555.FREE.”

Whatever it is you want them to do next, tell them! While you should at least have one call-to-action at the end of your email, it’s even more effective to tell them what to do more than once, in a couple of different ways + scatter them throughout the email.

#5 Graphics + Photos

In some instances, text-only emails work just fine. Including photos or graphics in your email is another way to break up copy + grab the attention of your DREAM brides + grooms.

The picture may be what grabs their attention first + gets them to read the text. This is especially true if you’re selling products, but can drive the point home just as much if you’re selling a service.

#6 About

It may be in the footer of your email or in a sidebar, but all of your emails should have a section that is about your wedding business (or about you). This area should also include all your contact information such as a website address, phone number, physical address + email.

Get to Emailing

Emailing your list is still one of the MOST effective ways to turn those bride + groom email addresses into booked weddings. First, put together some emails with the right information. Second, hit the send button!

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