How to Ask for Reviews to Help You Book MORE Weddings

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What many wedding planners struggle with is how to ask for reviews they can use to book more weddings. One popular use of social media networking is to gather reviews from current and past clients, colleagues, and other potential referral sources. You can accomplish similar results with a letter, postcard or email to start the ball rolling on gathering reviews.

The Gathering Process

When you start to work with a client, a vendor, a colleague or a related business provider, connect with them on your social media networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and any other appropriate social media networks. When your first relationship transaction is complete, ask them to recommend you using the built-in recommendation tool that is part of the social media network. You can also create your own recommendation tool.

The easiest way to request a recommendation is by email. It’s a simple request to ask a client to share their good experience with others that may benefit from your service.

It may look something like this:

We loved working with you and we think you loved working with us, too. We’d L-O-V-E for you to share your experience with other wedding couples, so we can enjoy working with them and they can enjoy working with us, too.

We have company profiles on:

[Insert name of site + link it to your profile where they can leave a review]

[Insert name of site + link it to your profile where they can leave a review]

[Insert name of site + link it to your profile where they can leave a review]

Other wedding couples visiting these sites use the information you leave to find a wedding planner like us that offer exceptional service.

Please click on the link(s) above and write a review about your experience working with us.

If you need help writing or posting your review, please contact [someone in your business] at [phone number and/or email address].

Why You Should Ask for Reviews 

An example is probably the best way to illustrate the power reviews can have on your wedding bookings.

With a profile on The Knot and Wedding Wire, a wedding planner had a few clients that wrote positive reviews about their experiences working with her. What was the result? She was flooded with phone calls and, in this case, booked several new weddings.

The best part about reviews is it is free or low-cost advertising. While your clients may not think to write a review on their own, with a little nudge from you, one positive review can fill up some of the dates in your calendar.


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