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Writing effective marketing copy starts with the message you’re trying to send to your brides and grooms. What are you trying to say?

It also involves making sure that you cover all of the information your couples need to take action (or make the next step). The problem is that sometimes including all of the information that you need to include turns your marketing content into a big blob of copy.


When your couples open an email from you, for example, and all they see is copy, or they have to scroll down, down, down to finish reading it, you can be assured they’re probably going to hit the delete button (and quick).

BONUS: You can still share all of the information you need to share. ALL you have to do is break up the copy in various ways.

Some of the ways you can make this happen:

  • Bullet points
  • Sub-heads
  • Bold and italicized fonts
  • Create callout boxes or other design features such as shading, conversation balloons, and colors to draw the attention to the important areas of the message
  • Graphics and pictures

While what you write is important, the way you present the information is just as important. Consider using some of these features to break up big blocks of copy and help ensure that your marketing message gets read by the peeps that you want to read it.

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