Autoresponder Series Ideas for Wedding Planners

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I spoke with a wedding planner the other day that is getting her marketing emails together. She’s trying to figure out her email campaigns and what in the world to say to the brides on her list in the automatic emails that go out as brides subscribe — what she should include in her autoresponder series.

Ideas You Can Use

I shared some ideas with her, including the order of my own autoresponder series that goes out to my list of wedding planners JUST. LIKE. YOU.

Here are some ideas for what to include in those autoresponders:

  1. Survey
  2. List of your most popular blog posts
  3. List of your favorite resources
  4. Invitation to book a free phone/in-person consultation
  5. Description of your DREAM brides/clients
  6. Packages or descriptions of the ways you can work together
  7. Tips, advice, and tricks
  8. Articles
  9. Videos
  10. Checklists

The Order

The best rule of thumb is to build them up with some JUICY content before you launch into your sales pitch (of any kind). Show them what an expert wedding planner you are by sharing as much information as you can with them upfront.

So, send out 3-4 content driven emails before you try to sell them anything. Once you draw them in with your credibility and expertise, then try to hook them.

Sample order

1. List of your most popular blog posts: If other brides are eating up this content for breakfast, then the new brides on your list are likely to love it too. Plus, not all of the brides on your list are going to read your blog every day (or every time you post), so draw them to your blog with an email instead.

2. Favorite resources: Share some of your favorite wedding planning resources. This can be blogs, local vendors, or other information resources you use and that you refer your clients. DON’T give away your preferred vendor list here (that list is GOLD to your biz). Simply share some resources they can use in planning their wedding (with or without hiring you).

3. Quick survey: Use a free service like Survey Monkey to ask them a few simple questions. It’s market research for your business and it also helps you pinpoint the needs of the brides on your list.

4. Invite them to chat: Send them an offer to chat with you for free (by phone or in person). You can set a limit here. I usually offer 15-30 minutes to the wedding planners on my list. This is an opportunity to answer their questions about how you can work together, but is NOT necessarily a full-blown sales pitch.

5. Describe the clients you work with: Describe the types of brides you work with, your DREAM brides. Get specific. Describe them like you have an actual profile of a real-live bride. Other ideal brides can see themselves in the description of your bride profile and then realize they want to work with you too,

6. Package or service descriptions: Share a list of your packages or services. Once they know they are your DREAM bride, then they need to know how to work with you–how to hire you.

7. Articles/Blog posts: Copy and paste an industry article (crediting the source) or copy and paste one of your own articles or blog posts into an email.

Rinse and repeat!

Autoresponders are Powerful Marketing

Setting up an autoresponder series for the brides that jump on your list is powerful stuff. First, it puts your marketing efforts on AUTOPILOT. Second, it builds you up as an expert so it is easy for brides to see why they should be working with you, so they hire you.

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