How to SEO for Wedding Planners

How to SEO for Wedding Planners

Everyone knows that search engine optimization (affectionately known as SEO) is imperative to getting your blog posts to rank in the big search engines (like Google).

Knowing how important SEO is, I have searched for an SEO expert that I could learn from. After several years of searching, I finally found a genius SEO expert, Mike Pearson of Stupid Simple SEO.

Mike has a genius way of simplifying everything SEO. While his free email course is genius, his paid course Stupid Simple SEO is ah-mazing.

I took his free course + loved it so much that I immediately enrolled in his paid course. I lucked out that it was open for enrollment because it’s only open a few times per year. Enrollment just closed on Friday but I highly recommend that you register for his free SEO course

I am not going to go over all of the steps Mike covers but I am going to walk you through how to SEO for wedding planners so you can learn to use SEO to help you get your blog posts in front of the brides + grooms that are meant to read them. I want to see your blog posts + links to your site on the first page of Google.

SEO does this for you.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to SEO for wedding planners so you can rank your blog posts + website the easiest way possible.

How to Learn SEO for Wedding Planners

Let’s start at the beginning. The first step is to figure out the keyword (or at least the blog idea you’re going to write about). This post focuses on the SEO part of writing a blog post but check out How to Write Wedding Blogs for the step-by-step process of writing blog posts.

If you are looking for a course on SEO to do keyword research, start with Mike Pearson’s free 5-day SEO email course. He has a genius way of tackling everything SEO in a simple way.

He also has a paid course, Stupid Simple SEO, that is ah-mazing. He only opens the paid course a couple times a year. I’ve taken both his free + paid course + highly recommend you take one or both.

Once you have the keyword you want to target, here’s how you set up the post SEO on WordPress.  

If you are using Wix or other site builders, then all of this is not going to work the same exact way that it does for WordPress sites. These site builders have the capabilities but you’ll have to try to figure it out on your own because I won’t be able to walk you step-by-step through the process.

The first thing you need to do is install the WordPress plugin WordPress SEO by Team Yoast.



















Once you do this, the information you need to complete automatically appears (on the pages + posts of your site).
















On the post where you are working, scroll down to the bottom. Once the plugin is installed, you can see a section that says Yoast SEO.

It’s time to fill in the blanks. Type in the keyword in the Focus Keyword box. The plugin automatically fills in the title of the post + the meta description. You can edit these by clicking on the Edit Snippet button.

The meta description doesn’t really have anything to do with SEO. It is, however, the little description that pops up under a link in the search engines. You want the meta description to be interesting enough that they want to click your link + by including the keyword they were using to search, you can increase the chances they’re going to click on your link.

SEO for Wedding Planners Meta Description


Do you see the 2 sentences under the link? This is the meta description.

You want to make sure that the keyword you’re targeting for this post is in the title + in the meta box. Use the keyword at least one time in the body copy of the post as well (this is not at the bottom, but in the main copy section of the page—in the blog post itself).

You also want the keyword in the permalink of the post (this is the URL of the post) + at least one sub-header (h2) in the copy of the post.

You can also help SEO by including the keyword in the names of any graphics or pictures you use in the post. So when you create a Pinterest graphic, for example, name the graphic file using the keyword you’re targeting.

Check SEO for Wedding Planners

Once you save the draft of the post or update it, check on the analysis section. You do not need a green light for all of the lines + you do not need the SEO check to be green in order for you to be good to go.


There are specific sections here that you want to make sure that you have a green light.

SEO for Wedding Planners SEO Chec

Here you can see red dots, orange dots + green dots. Your goal 

You mostly want to focus on having a green light for:

  • Not previously using this keyword (You don’t want to compete with yourself for Google ranking)
  • That the keyphrase is in the meta description
  • Text length (how many words is in the post)
  • Keyphrase is in the slug (URL)
  • The post includes outbound + inbound links

All of these are important for SEO.

  • Tackle each one of these lines at a time + slowly modify until you get a green dot. Then, move on to the next line. Again, all of the items that Yoast lists out does not require a green light for your SEO to be good.

Wait + Check

Wait at least a few days for Google to “crawl” your blog. It can really take a lot longer than this, too, so it’s something you might want to walk away from + just do periodically.

Run a Google search for some (or all) of your keywords to see where your posts rank. How fast you rank can depend on how popular the keyword is. How fast you rank can also depend on how often + when Google crawls your blog. So, if at first you don’t succeed, give it some time…+ then, try, try again.

FYI: Rankings can vary day-to-day, so check back every once in a while to see where your page is for your keywords.

SEO for Wedding Planners to Book More Weddings

Use SEO to book more wedding business, they say.

You say, how in the heck do I do that? Then you freeze + do nothing, which is the worst possible marketing strategy for your business.

As a wedding pro, the way you market your business can make or break you. When you use the right online marketing techniques, you can land more business.

When you use the wrong techniques, you can miss out on the traffic of wedding couples you’re trying to attract + then you can forget about turning them into booked weddings. 

Using SEO is the step down the aisle you need to take to book more weddings. 

Do Your Homework

Before you start batch writing blog posts + before you start going through old posts to SEO ’em up, take a step back to make sure that you truly understand the types of wedding couples you are trying to attract.

The bottom line is that you have to understand these folks better than any other wedding professional that is competing for their business. 

Use free tools like Keyword Planner from Google (you have to have a Google account to use this free tool) to help you find the keywords brides + grooms are using to search for the wedding information that you offer (or are going to offer). You can also consider paid options like SEMRush or Ahrefs.

This is the foundation for creating content wedding couples want to read + that they can find because you’re using keywords that helps it rank higher in the search engines. 

Talk about a win-win.

Use Long Tail Keywords to SEO for Wedding Planners

A long tail keyword is best described as a more specific keyword. For example, the term “wedding planner” is a highly competitive keyword. In the Google search below, you can see that 246,000 searches a month are for wedding planner.

Longtail SEO for Wedding Planners








A longtail keyword that is less competitive, but still competitive is “Miami wedding planner.” You can see that 880 searches a month are for “Miami wedding planner.”

Miami wedding planner SEO for wedding wedding planners

An even better longtail keyword is “Miami Beach wedding planner.” It gets about 30 searches a month. This is still a good amount of traffic per month but isn’t so crazy that you’d never be able to rank for it. (I also have to say that I am SHOCKED that only 30 searches a month are for “Miami Beach wedding planner” but that is besides the point :).)

Miami Beach wedding planner SEO for wedding planners

Place Keywords Carefully

Once upon a time, keywords were the easiest part of SEO. All you had to do was scatter it throughout your content to attract the right wedding clients for your biz.

In the industry, this is known as keyword “stuffing.”

Google got smart a few years ago + now if they catch you keyword stuffing, it can remove you from the search engines altogether.

And…nobody wants that.

Instead, use the keyword you want to rank for up to 3 times in the body of your content + then in some strategic places that I talked about earlier + go into detail about in in the last section of this post.

External Sites Can Help You Use SEO Book More Weddings

Onsite SEO is when you use keywords + SEO strategies on your website + blog to attract the right wedding couples to your business.

Offsite SEO is when you leverage external websites to rank in the search engines.

When other website or blogs link back to your website or content these are backlinks. Backlinks from quality sources can help you climb the search engine ranks.

Guest blog posts are one of the best ways to gain backlinks to your content + rank higher in the search engines. 

Add SEO to Headlines + Sub-Headers

Creating fab content is #1 in importance. Creating that fab content also has to do with how you format it.

Formatting + SEO go hand in hand. When you’re formatting website copy or a blog post, make sure you use your keyword in the headline (H1) and in a sub-headline (H2).

For example if you’re trying to rank for “best wedding planner in New York City,” then include this keyword phrase in your h1 (Headline) +  at least one h2 (sub-headline).

This way, you spread out the SEO juice across the page in all the right places. 

Leverage SEO to make it easier for brides + grooms to find you + your biz online. In the end, when you use SEO to book more weddings, it leads to a more profitable wedding business than ever before, which allows you to focus on what you do best — planning weddings!

How to Add Local SEO for Wedding Planners

Most wedding planners work in a particular region – or even in a particular city. Being the expert in your field, in your area, is what makes your business thrive. So, now you need to know how to make your website copy SEO friendly so that it attracts the brides that are getting married in your hot spot.

Here are at least five ways to add local SEO to your website copy.

#1 Blog It

Write blog posts on a consistent basis. Twist + turn the copy of your blog posts to include mention of your location or area where you plan weddings.

For example, if you’re a Miami wedding planner, then you can use terms, such as “Miami wedding planner,” “Miami weddings,” or “wedding venues in Miami,” to sprinkle some local SEO into your info-packed blog posts.

Search engines love blogs, so sprinkling in local SEO helps you to show up in the search engine rankings when a bride or groom is searching for terms that relate to wedding planning in your area.

#2 Social Media Sprinkles

Mention your local search terms in your social media updates. Social media updates can rank in the search engines too.

Additionally, when a bride or groom searches social media platforms for local wedding info, your updates, Fan Page + biz page can prominently show.

#3 Hashtag It

Use hashtags in your social media updates and status posts that relate to your local coverage area. If + when a bride or groom searches hashtags such as #miamiweddingplanner, all of you posts tagged with this particular hashtag are going to pop up.


You just made it much easier for your dream brides to find you (+ HIRE you)!

#4 Capture Reviews

Turn to review sites, such as Yelp or Google Reviews. Review sites dominate the world of local reviews. You can also tap into wedding industry specific review sites, such as The Knot.

When you have past brides leave reviews for your wedding biz on these sites (which are categorized by location), it helps boost search engine rankings. It also gives you some street cred with brides + grooms that are searching + reading reviews before they hire a wedding pro like you.

Testimonial SEO for Wedding Planners

#5 Spread it to Content

Copy refers to the text you have on your website, but local SEO sprinkles can trickle into the other content you have on your website + online.

Include local search terms in your other content – videos, pictures, graphs, + charts. When you post pics on Instagram or Pinterest, include your hashtags + local search keywords in your captions + descriptions.

Local SEO is not hard to accomplish. In fact, when you do it right, it can really boost your search engine rankings, which ultimately boosts your booked brides + grooms + books your calendar full of weddings.

Need some help writing SEO for wedding planners? I can write search engine optimized copy for your website pages or blog posts. Book it now or email me hello at weddingplannercopy dot com.


3 Ways Wedding Business Contracts Can Protect Your Wedding Business

Let me ask you something:

Do you feel protected in your business? Like, actually hold-up-in-a-court-of-law protected? Like, Elle Woods protected?

If you’re not sure about whether a wedding business contract is worth the investment, here are 3 ways a sturdy wedding business contract can protect you + your wedding biz:

1. A wedding business contract comes in handy when a client goes MIA

We’ve all had situations where clients could have been a little…clearer. But when a client just straight up ghosts you, what can you do?

With a robust contract in place, you have the client’s address, a means to send them to collections (if necessary) + you have all the resources you need to get paid even when the client has virtually disappeared.

2. A wedding business contract comes in handy for super late paying clients

Hands up if you’ve ever had an invoice paid late!

With a contract, you can clearly state your payment terms so your client pays on time. If they don’t, you can charge a late fee because it’s in your contract!

3. A wedding business contract comes in handy when a client feels “wronged”

Effective communication + a proper contract are great ways to avoid any of the above situations. But, sometimes, we run into a nightmare client.

It’s reassuring to know that your contracts clearly state what you expect of clients +  when so they can reference this at any time + deliver what is expected as needed.

On the other hand, if you have a vague contract that leaves your clients guessing, they could feel neglected, left out + maybe even fearful that you’re not taking care of them!

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Wedding business contracts that are part of the sale:

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How to Create Wedding Content for Your Wedding Biz Blog

It’s time to write your wedding content—your wedding blog post for your wedding business. Girl (or guy), I see that deer in the headlights look in your eye. Don’t freak out on me now.

First, let’s start out with an outline of what a killer wedding blog post is.

  1. Beautiful + Pinnable Pinterest Worthy Graphic: You can start out with a pinnable Pinterest worthy graphic at the start of your post or can put it at the end. Just make sure you have a pinnable post somewhere. If you decide to put the Pinterest image at the end then a regular photo/styled/stock/one of your wedding photos works great here. You can use sites like Canva to create Pinterest graphics that look professional without being a pro designer (see graphic above).
  2. An attention-grabbing headline (Use H1)
  3. Opening paragraph: Should be intriguing enough to get them to read the rest of the post. Should only be about 2-3 sentences.
  4. Sub-headline (use h2): Focus on the 1st main point of your topic. Use paragraph(s) that are 2-3 sentences long.
  5. Call to action: Throw in some kind of a call to action here. Point out that there is freebie at the end of the post or some kind of call to action.
  6. Sub-headline (use h2): Focus on the 2nd main point of your topic. Use paragraph(s) that are 2-3 sentences long.
  7. Sub-headline (use h2): Focus on the 3rd main point of your topic. Use paragraph(s) that are 2-3 sentences long.
  8. Email opt-in for freebie/download or other call to action.
  9. Add you pinnable Pinterest image if you did not put it at the beginning of the post.

When you start to write, you can insert these sections into your post, using the outline. Then you can go back to fill in the details.

Decide the Type of Post You Want to Write

Fortunately, there are a ton of different types of blog posts that you can write. So, before you jump into filling in the details of the post you’ve outlined, decide what kind of a post it’s going to be in the first place.

#1 How To Post

A how to post is exactly how it sounds. You’re sharing info with your wedding couples to tell them exactly how to do something. Often times, the post is even broken down step-by-step. It is sort of like an instruction manual BUT it’s not snoozeville.

#2 Answer a Question(s)/ Popular Topic

Head on over to your favorite Facebook groups. You know, the ones where pools of brides + grooms are just swimming around. Scroll through the posts +see what they are talking about or the question that keeps popping up over + over again. Write a post answering the question or on the hot topic.

If you’re not a part of any of these types of Facbook groups, head to forums on big wedding sites like The Knot or Wedding Wire to find out what the hot topics are.

#3 Generate an Idea

Use an idea generator like Portent. Plug in a term + it spits out a title. I just input wedding planner + got:

  1. 12 Facts About Wedding Planners That’ll Keep You Up At Night
  2. 18 Podcasts About Wedding Planners
  3. What Everyone Is Saying About Wedding Planners
  4. How Wedding Planners Can Help You Predict the Future
  5. 16 Ways Wedding Planners Can Help You Increase Your Productivity
  6. Where Wedding Planners Are Headed In The Next Five Years
  7. 17 Ways Wedding Planners Are Cooler Than Michael Jordan

#4 Ask Your Followers

If you already have couples reading + following your blog, ask them what information they want. You can ask followers that you have on any of your social media accounts, too. The thing is to make sure that you’re asking your target audience + not just people that happen to be following you on your social media.

Mom, auntie, + grandma are not good sources—unless one of them happens to be a bride-to-be in your target audience.

#5 List Post

Confession time: I am a HUGE fan of making lists. Maybe it’s the heady feeling it gives me when I can cross something off my list. I’m not the only one who is a fan of lists. Brides + grooms are too! Make a list of useful information, give them resources for planning their wedding + share relevant info that they can easily read + check off their list!

#6 Image Only (or at Least Mostly)

Post a picture + then throw in just a few lines of text to explain. For example, take a picture of the items in a Wedding Day Emergency Kit. This is an easy post that doesn’t take much time + is useful to the wedding couples checking out your blog.

#7 Interview

Interview another wedding pro you know or work with as a feature on your blog. EVEN BETTER, interview brides + grooms! You can interview recently married couples, for example, to talk about what they did right + what they would change about their wedding day. This is a great way to share information with other couples that are getting married. HINT: These types of posts can drive major traffic to your blog.

#8 Q + A Post

List out questions wedding couples have. Provide them with the answers. You can grab the questions from a survey of your readers, email subscribers, or from scouring social media. You probably also have a list of frequently asked questions floating around in your head.

#9 Blog Post Roundup

Roundup a list of your most popular blog posts or wedding-related blog posts. Share the list of posts + links on your blog. Just like David Letterman used to have a Top 10 every night on his show, you can have a Top 10 in posts for the week, month, year or what-ev.

#10 Guest Post

Publish another wedding pro’s fabulous blog post on your blog. Great because you don’t have to write a post + a great way to drive traffic to your blog BECAUSE the writer usually helps you promote the post. This is a great way to attract new wedding couples that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to reach.

#11 A List of Faves

Compile a list of your favorite things wedding related. Maybe it’s a general list or super specific like My 10 Fave Kissable Lipsticks for Wedding Day. I’d steer away from lists of your favorite wedding vendors (Remember ladies + gents, your preferred list of vendors is gold, so you don’t really want to give it away in a post. That’s what they pay you to have access to.), but pretty much any other list is game on.

Create an Attention-Grabbing Headline

Once you have a direction for your post, now it’s time to come up with the MOST important part of your blog post—the headline!

If you can grab their attention with your headline, then you can convince wedding couples to read the rest of your blog post. If you don’t grab their attention with your headline, then, well…womp, womp, womp.

Nine out of 10 brides + grooms won’t read your blog post (no matter how fabulous it is) because…well, frankly, your headline sucks.

It’s not to say that the content isn’t packed full of JUICY info with sprinkles of your expertise.

It probably is.

None of that matters, however, if your headline doesn’t make wedding couples stop in their tracks to read the rest of what you have to say.

I’m going to give you 10 ways to cheat in a little bit, but first I have a lot to say about headlines.


Because it is THE most important part of your COPY + CONTENT.

If you learn nothing else about writing copy…LEARN HOW TO WRITE HEADLINES!

Don’t believe me?

OK. Hear it from one of the great marketing + advertising greats, David Ogilvy, himself.

With 7 seconds or less (seven, what?!?!?) to grab the attention of your prospective wedding couples, you better start off with such an attention-grabbing headline that they can’t help but to move on to reading the rest of what you have to say.

You want to get the 80 cents out of your dollar!

Flip (or scroll) through some of your favorite magazines + newspapers. Note how writers use certain words + phrases to grab the attention of someone who is flipping through the publication. What kinds of characteristics in the headlines urge you to read the rest of the story?

While you certainly do not want to copy a headline or any other content word-for-word, you can mimic it to capture the attention of the brides + grooms you’re trying to attract.

Here are some surefire ways to make your headlines sizzle enough to engage + motivate.

Use an interesting or thought-provoking question

If you position your headline as an interesting question that engages brides + grooms, your goal is to get them to respond in their head or even to say something out loud. If they don’t know the answer to your question, you want the question to be intriguing enough that they read what you have to say to find out what the answer is.

  • Do You Ever Wonder Why it’s Important to Ask Wedding Vendors These Questions?
  • Where is the Money Coming from to Pay for Your Wedding?
  • Do You Ever Wonder Where Your Wedding Money is Going?

Get to the Point

Sometimes the best practice to creating a killer headline is to get straight to the point. It removes the need to be witty, clever, smart or creative. All it requires is that you just state what it is you have to say.

  • Subscribe Today to Receive Free Wedding Planning Tips
  • The Gold & Ivory Sale: Save 50% on Gold & Ivory Wedding Accessories
  • Book Now + Save 30%

It’s just the facts, ma’am (or sir)!

Be a Source of Information

Headlines intrigue wedding couples when headlines offer them information they can use.

Brides + grooms planning a wedding may be intrigued by “10 Ways to Cut $2,000 from Your Budget Without Giving up Your Dream Wedding.”

Wedding couples may be just as intrigued by a title that states, “Get Inside the Mind of Celebrity Event Planner XYZ to Learn How to Plan Your Wedding with Insider Secrets.”

Wedding couples may salivate at the title, “7 Ways to Entertain Children at Your Wedding (to Keep Them Out of Your Hair).”

By providing information to wedding couples, you become an invaluable resource to them. Grabbing their attention positions you as the wedding expert that you are.

Go Commando

I’m not talking about in the underwear department. When it comes to creating a great headline, think what may come out of the mouth of a drill sergeant + then write it!

  • Increase Your Wedding Budget in 30 Days
  • Stop Wasting Money on Wedding Favors
  • Learn How to Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro Now


Another great way to build a fabulous headline is to use the “What’s in it for them approach (WIFFT).”

Many wedding pros make the mistake of listing out all the features that their service possesses, but what your brides + grooms really want to know is how your service benefits them. Start on the right foot by using a benefits headline to make your point + hook them immediately.

  • Save Thousands of Dollars on Your Wedding
  • DIY Wedding Invitations in Minutes
  • Get a Free Album with Photo Order

Have you ever glanced at the front covers of “smut papers” (as my grandma would call them) such as the Enquirer while standing in line at the grocery store?

The headlines are so sensational that it draws you in to pick it up + glance at the stories inside — even if you don’t admit you do. A similar thing happens with any publication, including your website or blog.

Brides + grooms may be scrolling through Facebook posts (fast + furiously), but if a headline catches their attention, they stop, click + read the story.

The same holds true for your blog posts, email subject lines + almost anything you write for your wedding business.

Make an announcement

One more way to make your headlines stand out is to make a big announcement. Wedding couples love big news. They want to be “in the know” about all of the great (+ sometimes not so great) things going on in the world of weddings.

The same holds true for headlines for your blog posts. Draw them in by making a big announcement. It has to be good enough to get them to stop + read what you have to say.

  • Scientists May Have Found a Cure for Wedding Planning Anxiety
  • The Hottest Designer Wedding Dresses Have Hit the Runway (+ Stores)
  • Plan Your Wedding While Driving in Your Car (Hands-free, of course)


Speak to the do-it-yourselfers (DIYers) in the crowd with “how to” headlines. Whether it’s how to save money on booking a wedding venue or how to build your own wedding pergola, brides + grooms eat up “how to” headlines any day of the week. Even if they don’t end up doing it themselves!

  • How to Enjoy a Honeymoon on $20 a Day
  • How to Build Your Own Wedding Pergola for Under $30
  • How to Find a Wedding Photographer in 3 Easy Steps

Creating killer headlines is the primary way you can grab your potential clients + not let them go until they read what you have to say!

Give your readers a bonus

What I mean by this has nothing to do with giving away something. It’s more about adding a specific detail to your headline that makes it a bit more intriguing. This is where being a little on the wordy side (at least with your adjectives) may just come in handy.

  • 7x Bride Plans Under Budget Dream Wedding – see how the word 7x makes this even more intriguing — Elizabeth Taylor style 🙂
  • New Idea May Make Wedding Favors Obsolete – obsolete really stands out here
  • Frustrated Bride Writes a Planning Book Brides Need to Read – frustrated bride really drives the point home

Some ways to grab them with your headline is to include:

  • Bonuses
  • Savings offers
  • Ways to solve a problem

Here are some examples of bad headlines + ways to turn them into good headlines:

Bad Headlines Good Headlines
Write Better Wedding Vows 5 Handy Tips from Former Grooms for Writing
Epic Vows
Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding 7 Simple Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Chic
Buy Your Wedding Invitations Now Sale into September with Wedding Invitation Savings
An Effective Way to Increase Your Wedding Budget The #1 Secret to Stretching Your Wedding

Here’s a little cheat sheet to get you started. There are LITERALLY 100s of ways you can structure rockin’ headlines. This is 15 of them.

The Headline Cheat Sheet: 15 Formulas to Rock Readers with Your Headlines

Use these 15 headline formulas as a starting point to create headlines that are compelling enough that brides + grooms take the time to read the entire post. Don’t feel guilty about it either. Even professional writers use formulas such as these to write their headlines.

(HINT: It’s called a swipe file.)

While a headline can be anything you want it to be, I’ll share a copywriter secret with you. There are a dozen or so headline formats that work. After I share 15 of these headline formats with you, look at headlines you see in blog posts. You’re going to quickly see a pattern because it’s a pattern that works.

#1 [Insert Number] Ways to [Blank]

When you use a number in your title, brides + grooms eat it up. First, they know exactly what they’re going to learn + how many ways they’re going to learn it. Odd numbers seem to work best, with the exception of 10 + 100, which are also popular numbers.

• 7 Sure-fire Ways to Find the Photographer of Your Dreams
• 5 Easy Ways to Choose Your Wedding Flowers
• 10 Ways to Turn Your Wedding Spending into a Positive Experience

#2 How to [Insert What You’re Going to Teach Them to Do]

For all those do-it-yourselfers out there, how-to articles + information are thriving. Wedding couples want to know how to do whatever it is you’re offering up info on that is wedding-related.

• How to Plan Your Wedding in 5 Days
• How to Host a Wedding without Wedding Favors
• How to Save Money When You Hire Your Wedding Videographer

#3 The Secret of [Blank]

Everyone loves to be in on a good juicy secret. Brides + grooms are no exception to this. So if your headline tells them that you’re going to reveal your secret to them, they are all ears – or in this case, all eyes.

• The Secret to Turning Your Wedding into the Wedding of Your Dreams
• The Secret to Hosting the Wedding You Want without Busting Your Budget
• The Secret to Having a Career + Planning Your Wedding

#4 [Insert Number Here] Ways to Avoid [Insert Something Wedding Couples Want to Avoid]

It’s worth repeating. Headlines with numbers are highly effective. As much as brides + grooms want to learn how to do something, they also want to learn how to avoid doing things that are undesirable.

• 10 Ways to Avoid Being a Wedding Vendor Victim
• 7 Ways to Avoid Busting Your Wedding Budget
• 10 Ways to Avoid Stress When Planning a Wedding

#5 See How Easily You Can [The Result They Want to Achieve]

Nobody wants to do it the hard way. Wedding couples want to know how to do it the easy way. If your headline accomplishes their goal, I promise you, they’ll read on.

• See How Easily You Can Plan Your Entire Wedding
• See How Easily You Can Hire a Wedding Florist
• See How Easily You Can Find the Perfect Wedding Band

#6 A Simple Way to [Insert Outcome] that Works for [Insert Target Group]

Example: A Simple Way to Choose Wedding Bouquets that Work for Busy Brides

This is a socialproof headline. A social proof headline convinces wedding couples that others like them (or the pros that brides + grooms want to be like) are doing something this way, so they
should do it too.

#7 [Insert Word] May be Causing You to Lose Out on [Insert Desired Outcome]

Example: Choosing the Wrong Wedding Vendors May be Causing You to Lose MONEY
This is an example of a threat headline. It presents some gloom + doom to your brides + grooms toscare them into reading how they can change the outcome.

#8 There’s Big [Insert Desired Outcome] in [Insert Word/Industry/Action]

Example: There’s Big Savings in Choosing a Wedding Planner
This is an example of a gain headline. You are showing the brides + grooms what they can gain
from taking an action.

#9 How to [Desired Outcome] like [Pros or Group of People]

Example: How to Create a Reception Menu like Professional Caterers
Another example of a social proof headline, you are showing brides + grooms why they should
jump on the bandwagon. Ultimately, it is because people like them or the people that they want to emulate are doing it.

#10 What Your [Insert Person] Won’t Tell You + How it Can Save You [Insert Word]

Example: What Your Photographer Won’t Tell You + How it Can Save You Money
Also a threat headline, you are letting brides + grooms know that some professional is hiding
information that the reader needs to know because it is saving them from making some grave

#11 How to Take the Headache Out of [Insert Word/Action]

Example: How to Take the Headache Out of Wedding Planning
When you present a problem + then a solution, this is another form of a gain headline. The
headline draws brides + grooms in because they are seeking a solution to the problem they are having.

#12 [Insert an Action] like a [Insert Pro or Group of People]

Example: Plan a Wedding like a Pro
Yet another example of a social proof headline, it attracts brides + grooms who want to do
something just like a wedding pro does it.

#13 At Last, the Secret to [Insert Desired Outcome] is Revealed

Example: At Last, the Secret to Planning a Stress-Free Wedding is Revealed
Everyone loves a juicy secret. They can’t wait to find out what the secret is so they can enjoy the
benefit that it offers. Let them in on a little secret!

#14 How You Can [Insert Desired Outcome] Almost Instantly

Example: How You Can Cut Your Wedding Budget in Half Almost Instantly
The most popular type of headlines is gain headlines. This is a type of gain headline, where you
share what brides + grooms have to gain from taking an action. In this case, the word “instantly” reveals to them that they don’t have to wait to feel the effects. Everyone wants instant gratification.

#15 The Lazy [Insert Person’s] Way to [Insert Desired Outcome]

Example: The Lazy Bride’s Way to Wedding Planning
Because they are so popular, this is another example of a gain headline. Throwing the word “lazy”
in the mix implies that it’s a simple + fast way for the bride to accomplish the desired outcome.

So There You Have It

So there you have it — 15 headline formulas you can use right away.

Use as is, inserting words in the blanks as appropriate, or alter slightly to fit your needs.

These are tried, true + proven effective headlines that the pros use.

Now, you can use them too.

Now that you have the topic of your post + the headline, now it’s time to fill in the details. (Use the outline above as your guide.)

Content Bonus

One more item you might consider adding to the end of your blog posts or as your call to action is a content upgrade.

A content upgrade is simply a freebie that they can download after they’re finished reading your post. It might be a checklist related to the post topic. It might just be a PDF format of the blog post (depending on what kind of post it is).

Simply put, a content upgrade is a takeaway they can, well, take away with them to take action on while you walk away with their email address + contact info to try to convert them into a booked wedding over time.

So, a blog post about the top 10 items every bride should have in their wedding day emergency kit might have a content upgrade that is a checklist of those 10 items (+ the dozens of other items she should have in the kit as well).

Create a Pinnable Image

OK, now that you have all of the written content in place, it’s time to create an image for your blog post. What I mean by a “pinnable” image is you want an image that is worthy enough to post on Pinterest.

In other words, your image has to rock!

I won’t go too much off the deep end on why a wedding pro should be using Pinterest to promote their blog posts (yet). For now, just trust me + use this as a guide to create the images you need for your post (that work on Pinterest).

You can use the free version of Canva or upgrade to a paid version (depending on your needs). I use the free version + it has totally met my needs for creating all sorts of images, including professional + eye-catching Pinterest images + images for my blog.

Here are a few of the designs I’ve created, so you can get an idea of what you can do with Canva + what you need to do to create your pinnable blog images.

You want to use a great image, headline/title of the post + your logo or website/blog—all on the image that you plan to pin.

Once you have your image ready, insert it into your blog post. Stay tuned on how you can use this image to promote your blog post, which I cover in another post.

You might choose to use the same image for promoting your post on other social media outlets (like Instagram +Facebook) or you can create images specifically for these networks (Canva has templates for each social media network).

Stay tuned for a post on promoting your blog post in the wedding universe to pull brides + grooms to your blog + get them to hire you. Send me an email hello at weddingplannercopy dot com or book it now

4 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Wedding Blog

Confession time.

I rarely publish new blog posts on this blog anymore. Between writing blog posts for my other blogs, writing copy + content for clients, raising three girls + just life in general, there just aren’t always enough hours in the day to get it all done.

The fact that I don’t publish new blog posts here all the time has NOT decreased the amount of wedding planners (traffic) I get to this blog, though. In fact, it’s increased traffic.


That’s right + I’m going to share with you how I do it so you can increase the amount of brides + grooms that flock to your blog/website, too.

#1 Increase Traffic to Your Wedding Blog by Focusing

There’s Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SEO, oh my! The biggest mistake wedding planners make is that they try to be on all of these platforms + manage all of these platforms.

All this does is leave you exhausted + wondering why none or a very small amount of brides + grooms are trickling to your site.

Instead, pick two things to focus on + give it your all. My advice is to focus on:

  • Pinterest
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These are the two areas that are going to give you the biggest results. BONUS: Both are FREE ways to increase the traffic of wedding couples to reach your blog/site. These are the two areas that I give my all + it pays off.

If you haven’t heard of it before, the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a wealth of resources + these two topics are heavily covered. Why? Because both ways work to attract couples to your blog. (Here is the catch, though, the genius Blogger’s Toolkit is only available for one day–today).

#2 Try Something New to Increase Traffic to Your Wedding Blog

It might sound counterproductive since I just told you to choose SEO + Pinterest + give it your all but you do have to test the waters for other avenues to attract new wedding couples to you, too.

You’ve probably heard the saying that goes something like you keep doing the same things over + over again but expect different results. This applies here.

If all you’ve been doing is writing blog posts, slapping a link on social media to it + then you hear crickets, it’s probably time for a change. Again, I would set your sights on Pinterest (it’s where a major amount of brides + grooms are hanging out) + SEO.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit offers you this (+ more) for a highly affordable price without having to spend $197 for each course on the topic. It’s a complete course in blogging but you can pick + choose the areas you want to focus. Even if you end up only using one or two of the courses, it’s still a heck of a lot cheaper than buying those courses individually.

Even if you decide not to focus on Pinterest + SEO then try something new. Try one new thing at a time so that you can run a true test to see what is working for you. Maybe you guest post on a popular site for wedding couples that reach your niche of brides + grooms. Maybe you get quoted in a wedding planning magazine article that reaches your audience. Maybe you simply add sharing buttons to your website + blog posts.

#3 Make it Easy to Go Viral

Get your brides + grooms to do the work for you. Make sure that your website + ALL of your individual blog posts have share buttons. Brides + grooms can share your information with other brides + grooms or members of their wedding party.

Brides + grooms can pin you pins to their Pinterest boards to reference later + to get other brides + grooms to pin it to their Pinterest boards. You can add these buttons for free to your website + blog so make sure they are there!

#4 Update Old Content

Once you have a lot of content on your blog or your blog has been around for a while, like mine, you don’t always need to produce brand new content all the time. You can actually breathe new life into old content, instead, which is almost the same as creating new blog content.

Check out 10 Ways to Update Wedding Blog Posts to Attract More Brides + Grooms to find out exactly what you need to do.

What can you do today to start making some changes that can attract more brides + grooms to your blog + to your business?

BONUS: If you decide to buy the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit with my link, I’ll throw in my Wedding Biz Blogging eBook FREE. Remember, the toolkit is only available for today (In less than 17 hours from now, it turns into a pumpkin.).

Go ahead. Grab your toolkit today. You know you want + NEED to.

You can also check out the Milo Tree post How to Go from 10k to 100k Pageviews Per Month.

10 Ways to Update Wedding Blog Posts to Attract More Brides + Grooms

Once you’ve had your wedding blog for a while, you’re going to have a lot of old blog posts. Sure, some of the information on these posts is evergreen (so it doesn’t really change much) + it remains sage advice.

Other wedding blog posts age, however, so the information becomes outdated. You can breathe new life into your old wedding blog posts, which can mean that you attract the search engines + that you attract brides + grooms by running through your old content + doing one or more of these 10 things to update wedding blog posts.


#1 SEO the Title

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a huge role in wedding couples finding your content, your blog post, your wedding website/business + you. Focus a lot on optimizing your blog posts so that couples find the information you’re sharing.

Start at the beginning with the title of the wedding blog post. Revise the title to include the keyword you are focusing on for this particular post.

#2 SEO the Link

Then move on to optimizing the URL or permalink for the blog post. Generally, this link is your domain name followed by the title of the post. When you revise the title to include the targeted keyword make sure that you change the link/URL/permalink to also include the keyword.

It’s one more positive step toward optimizing your wedding blog post to help it rank better in the search engines + be found by couples who are planning their weddings.

#3 Re-write + Revamp Copy

If your wedding blog post is a few years old, you’ve been perfecting your writing skills since then. Show it off by going through the copy of the post + re-writing + re-vamping it to show off your refined writing skills. You can finesse sentences, switch out words + do whatever else you need to do to make the copy + content pop.

#4 Fix Spelling + Grammar Errors

We all have typos + errors (even me!). We are, after all, human. Proofread your content to make sure that it is free of spelling + grammar errors, which can be a big turnoff for some brides +grooms. Use a spell check + grammar check program, if you need help in this area.

#5 Update Old Facts + Figures

Update any old stats, facts or figures that you include in the blog post. Again, if the post is 1 year or older, these stats, facts + figures can easily be outdated. This is especially true if you list out dates or years in your posts. For example, a post on the top wedding trends for 2018 became outdated as soon as 2019 began so you can create an entirely new post by going through to update everything in the article that has changed.

#6 Add Links

Go through the post + add links, where appropriate. Add internal links, so links to other blog posts or pages on your site that provide additional information on the wedding topic you’re covering in the post. Also, add external links, so links to blog posts, articles + other websites that provide additional information. It should be said that you should link appropriately + don’t get too crazy with the links. One internal + one external link per post can be sufficient.

#7 Fix Broken Links

Links in your post can be outdated + broken. Check existing links in the post to make sure that it still works + goes to the right page, post or article. Fix + update any broken links so they work again or remove links that cannot be updated or fixed.

#8 Optimize Photos

All of your blog posts should have at least one photo. If it doesn’t, then get on adding at least one photo, pronto! You can optimize your photos, too. Simply name the photo as you save it + upload to your post so that the name of the photo contains the keyword you’re focusing on for the post. If it is an existing photo on the post, you can either rename it + re-upload it or edit the photo name in the post so it contains the keyword.

#9 Create a Pinnable Image

Pinterest is huge for wedding couples so it should be a huge focus for wedding planners. Make sure that all of your posts contain at least one pinnable image. You might notice that I have an image at the top of my post that is on brand for my business + then I have a pinnable image at the end of the post. You can do it the same way or you can have one image that is optimized, on brand + pinnable.

#10 Update the Keyword + Meta Description

Update the keyword (if necessary) to match the keyword you’ve been using throughout your updates. Re-write or revise your meta description. While the meta description doesn’t have anything to do with the search engine ranking, it is what brides + grooms tend to read when your blog post pops up in their search so make sure it contains the keyword + a description that is going to grab their attention.

Updating old wedding blog posts is easy + can go a long way in helping to get your wedding blog posts in front of the brides + grooms that you’re trying to attract to your wedding business.


How to Market Your Wedding Planning Business

Guest post by Valerie Pritt of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy


This one, small, confusing, income-generating, money-wasting word is one of the most complex algorithms you’ll ever try to figure out.


Because there’s no cookie-cutter system for it; there’s no “what works for her will work for me” guarantee. It’s a journey that’s completely unpredictable and based on 100 different variables. But it is a must.

You must market your business to be seen. If you don’t, you will lose the game, for sure. Doing it blindly, however, is never the answer. You must have a strategy to make it worth every cent you spend.

Analyze Your Traffic

Before you create any sort of strategy, you need to take a moment to analyze where your traffic is coming from. Hopefully, you have Google Analytics attached to your website. Google Analytics will tell you where your referral traffic is coming from.

You need to make sure that the report aligns with who your ideal client is. For example, if your ideal client is on Instagram and you see that most of your referral traffic is coming from Facebook, there is a disconnect.

Either you need to adjust your ideal client or adjust your posting efforts. Review your top blog posts and top social media posts. Ask yourself why these posts resonate with your audience. Having this information is like having a marketing weapon.

Your Marketing Plan

Now it’s time to make a plan!

What is your marketing objective? As a wedding planner, your overall goal is probably to get in front of engaged couples. The goal isn’t necessarily as specific as booking them; not all clients who call you up will be a good match for you, but the more volume you get, the more likely your chances of filling up your year with the right type of clientele.

Marketing is not all about the hard sell all the time. It’s about building trust and giving value. The best example of this is how you can’t ask a first date to get married. If this happened, wouldn’t you be a little creeped out and politely tell him you need to go wash your hair?

So if you were going on a marketing date with a potential client, what would you want to convey without sounding sketchy? Just like when it comes to finding a partner, we are looking for someone with similar interests, values, and goals as us.

Make sure that’s coming through in your marketing plan. Think about your “niche” when creating your goals. Are you trying to get them to click on your website? Fill out your contact form? Provide an email address? Know what call to action you want them to take to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Where to Market Your Wedding Planning Business

99 problems but where to market isn’t one. You can market yourself on WeddingWire/The Knot, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp, email, and wedding blogs. The options are endless.

Please be informed of best practices when using these marketing platforms, though. Paying money to boost a post is not going to get you a good ROI. Why? When you boost a post, it’s not targeted. If you are a Pensacola wedding planner, you want to market to Pensacola brides. This means you need to target accordingly.

I highly recommend taking a course on how to create an ad using Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t waste your money without fully understanding the tools. I will also recommend that you don’t outsource your advertising unless you fully understand how to do it. Otherwise, you won’t know how to gauge the ROI. You also won’t know how to adjust it if a campaign is not working for you.

Create Your Content

Content is king! I’m sure you’ve heard this about a million times already, but even so, you can’t negate the simple fact that it is true. Content IS king.

If you’re not planning a wedding, you’re going to be creating content for your business. Start getting excited about this idea. You may not love to write, be on video, or take pictures, but this is how you’re going to build your business.

Accept it. Love it. Share it. It’s best if you just accept that wholeheartedly right now. Marketing is all about getting your message across, and to do that, you need to create content.

Spread Your Message

The core of where you spread your message should start with your blog. If I can impress upon you one thing, it’s this: you need to start a blog. We are often quick to pay a third party, thinking they have the magic fairy dust that will deliver brides in droves with very little effort. I urge you to first think about what you can do for your business that has sustaining power. Blog and working your SEO.

Giving your trust to third-party companies like WeddingWire, Facebook, or Pinterest puts you at the mercy of their company. What happens if one decides to sell? Could this affect your marketing strategy? It recently happened with Style Me Pretty. All those backlinks and profiles were almost gone forever.

Invest in what you own—your domain name, your website, your blog—first. Cultivate your blog and use the other platforms as a way to gain traction to your site. Know what makes each platform unique.

For example, Pinterest is a search engine brides use to look for ideas. Instagram is all about pretty pictures. Facebook is where the majority of people are. Make sure you are spreading your message in the appropriate way. Always make sure your message is on point with your brand and targets your ideal client.


Don’t be afraid to outsource tasks if you need to. There’s a lot to keep up with, and I know from personal experience it can easily get overwhelming. However, as I always recommend, try out whatever you’re thinking of outsourcing first.

Try to blog consistently once a week for a month. Same thing for Facebook and Instagram—post regularly. Try scheduling out posts—or batching—with apps like Later. If you just can’t find the time or you’re not getting engagement, then go ahead and outsource.

Be mindful, though, that whoever you go with has the same voice/tone as you. Be sure to read their content and make sure it sounds similar to your own business tone. Make sure they understand who your ideal client is and the marketing goals you’re trying to achieve. Go ahead and download this Free Outsourcing Blog Sheet.

Valerie Pritt is a mom, wife, biz owner and wedding planner. She is the dedicated educator behind the Engaged Wedding Planner Academy. She seeks to inspire, empower, and encourage inexperienced wedding planners to take action. 


How to Use Pinterest for Wedding Business to Book More Weddings

Interesting Email I Received from Pinterest

I received an interesting email from Pinterest. The email backs up what I’m always telling wedding planners — that content is more than copy! Use images to grab the attention of your DREAM wedding clients + then send them to read some JUICY content.

Use pinterest for wedding business — to book more weddings.

Keep this in mind: Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE. Yes, you read that right.

Pinterest is only second to Google, so make sure that you are pinning, filling in a description + sending them to JUICY content on your website or blog. It’s the #1 way to use Pinterest for wedding business success.

Pinterest for Wedding Planners

BTW: This is for promotion of a pin, but you can accomplish what I describe by simply pinning!

Pinterest search results drive millions of visits to other sites through referral traffic.
When you add Pins from your website to Pinterest, people can click through those Pins and buy your products or services.An example of a business using Pinterest to reach their business goals: Artifact Uprising is a Denver-based company that makes tangible goods from digital photos. After one of their Pins took off, the company went from basement startup to multi-million dollar company seeing triple digit growth in under 18 months.

Artifact Uprising rigorously tests its Pins, integrates Pinterest on its website and emails, and allocated its advertising budget almost entirely to Pinterest.

Promote your Pins so you can reach more customers. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and there’s no minimum spend.

Create a Wedding Content Pin

Once you have a juicy info-filled blog post ready to publish, create a pinnable pin for Pinterest. A pinnable pin is attractive but it’s also a long image. There are two go-to resources for creating pins that look like a pro did it.

  1. PicMonkey: I love this monkey! (Maybe I just like monkeys in general because I’m a MailChimp fan too.) I use PicMonkey to create my own “teaser” pins. You can edit a photo online, add text + add other embellishments. Again, you don’t have to be a design genius to figure this stuff out, but it can help you look like a genius when it comes to promoting your wedding business on Pinterest.
  2. Canva: Canva has some free pro layouts specifically for Pinterest. It offers some free layouts + embellishments + some are paid (I think they are like $1 for each one you use). Awesome way to create professional looking pins for Pinterest. Here’s a little hint, too. You can use any of the layouts for free if you switch out the photo to use one of your own photos or one of the free photos Pinterest has.

Schedule it to Pin to Pinterest

The Pinterest pros all tell you that you have to pin to Pinterest about 30-50 times per day. Doing this manually is insane. You can automate it by using Tailwind (I am so in LOVE with Tailwind + Pinterest).

Tailwind is a scheduler for your Pinterest pins. I use it + love it. If you use my link, you get your first month of Tailwind for FREE. As a wedding pro, if you’re not using Pinterest, start using it now. Brides + grooms are all over Pinterest AND Pinterest is the second largest search engine (second only to Google).

CONFESSION: Some of the links are affiliate programs so I receive some cashola if you buy. I’ll tell you this, though, I usually only tout programs/books/online courses/whatever it is that you’re looking at because I’ve used the stuff myself, liked it + had good results from it.

Complete the Pin Description

Make sure that you complete the description for each pin using keywords. The best way to figure out which keywords to use for Pinterest descriptions is to do a search on Pinterest.

Make sure you also have a call to action in your description so they’ll actually click on the pin, website or link to get to your website, blog + information.

Pin it to Relevant Boards

Add your pins to boards that are relevant. In other words, pin to the boards that make sense for the information you’re sharing. Pin to multiple boards (as long as it’s relevant). You can accomplish this by scheduling pins on Pinterest or repinning or by using the interval feature on Tailwind.

The moral of the story is that brides + grooms are all over Pinterest. This means that you as a wedding professional should be all over Pinterest, too. It’s the perfect way to get in front of the brides + grooms you’re trying to book.

Get pinning, my wedding-planning friend.

How Do I Promote All of This Wedding Content, Anyway?

It is probably one of the most common questions wedding planners ask me. Most wedding pros know that they need wedding content (in some way, shape, or form) to market their wedding business, but they have no idea promote wedding content once they have it in their hot little hands.

The mystery ends today.

I can’t reveal all of the ways you can push your wedding content out into the wedding universe in this one little blog post, but I can share a couple of quickies.

BTW: These are some of the same exact steps I take to distribute my content (+ it works like gangbusters).

Create an Email Campaign

The very first thing I do with new content (after posting it to my blog) is to turn it into an email campaign to the appropriate list. I don’t always email it out right away. Instead, I schedule it to go out.

(HINT: This often allows me to have my e-newsletters done + my email campaigns scheduled well into the future, so I’m not creating these things by the seat of my pants.)

Email campaigns get your content in front of the brides + grooms you know want to hear what you have to say. Include share options (forward to a friend + social media icons in your email campaigns) to make it easy for them to share the wedding content, so you can grow your list.

Promote Wedding Content with Reddit

This is hands down one of the biggest sources of traffic when I promote wedding content. From one blog post that I shared on Reddit, it generated 143 visits to ONE post in ONE DAY.

It is totally free to set up a Reddit account + you can make it easy to share by adding a Reddit button to your blog post pages. After I post to my blog, I click on the Reddit button on my post + it allows me to add it to my Reddit account to share with the universe. (It’s soooooo simple I’m convinced my one-year-old can do it.) is another content distribution option that allows you to piggyback on the content that big businesses/websites/companies/publications are already distributing. I was able to piggyback on an Entrepreneur article with a similar topic that brought the most comments to date to my blog posts.

  1. Head on over to your fave search engine.
  2. Conduct a search on the topic of your article.
  3. Copy the link to the article you choose. (HINT: If it’s at the top of Google, for example, then it probably is there because it has a lot of views, shares + comments.)
  4. Once you’re in your account, paste the link to the article you found + click the snip button.
  5. Fill in the popup box info + hit create.

Promote Wedding Content + Watch the Traffic Roll

These are but three of soooooooooo many quick + simple ways to get your content in front of the brides + grooms you’re trying to attract. It works to drive traffic to your site + gives you the chance to book more weddings.

And, we all know that means more money in your pocket.

Learn how to create + promote content that attracts the brides + grooms you want to work with in your wedding business. Check out my Wedding Biz Blogging email course. It’s FREE to join.

10 Words to Cut from Writing Wedding Copy + Content (I Say It’s Poppycock)

I read an Entrepreneur article recently about 10 words you shouldn’t be using when writing wedding copy + content for your wedding business.  This is not the only place I’ve seen some of the words that made the list.

Personally, I think the list is bogus + I’ll tell you why.

First, though, here is the list of words.



Words You Should Cut from Writing Wedding Copy + Content

  1. Just
  2. Really
  3. Very
  4. Perhaps/maybe
  5. Quite
  6. Amazing
  7. Literally
  8. Stuff
  9. Things
  10. Got

Disclaimer When I Write Wedding Copy + Content

I don’t use all of these words when I write, but I do use some. I’m not afraid to use them + I’m not afraid to admit I use them. In fact, if you check out my website, my blog posts + my published articles, you “just” might see some of these words flying around.

Why I Say it’s Poppycock

I write for human beings.

I write like I talk. In other words, I write with a conversational tone.

It works for my business + it works for my wedding planner clients. I don’t write for educational journals or textbooks. I write marketing copy + content that helps my wedding planner clients land business.

When people read content + copy that sounds as if they are having a conversation with someone they know, it’s easier for them to relate. The copy resonates with them.

When something resonates with someone (because it’s conversational), they tend to want to read what you’re saying, feel as if they are forming a relationship with you + DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

This is uber important in the wedding industry. If your brides + grooms do not connect with you then they’re probably not going to hire you either so you want to make sure that when you’re writing.

My Point

My point is, don’t let these articles deter you from writing the way you do. If it’s working for you + it’s working for your business, then it’s working.

Can you find a better word than stuff? Sure, sometimes you can. Is the world going to end if you use the word “got?” I think not (huh, that rhymed!).

Learn about writing wedding copy + content that resonates with the wedding couples you are trying to attract.

What Goes with Your Wedding Content (Like Cookies Goes with Milk)

As much as I would love to believe it, just having a bunch of content doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with it. Here, I’m going to spill the beans on all of the other aspects of your wedding business you need to put in place to make your content marketing strategy a raging success.

Wedding Business Website

Hands down, you have to have a website. On your website, you have to have a blog. The key pages your wedding business website needs:

  • Home
  • About (Me, Us)
  • Work with Me (Us)
  • Contact
  • Blog

(If you need help writing the copy or content for these website pages, check out my Copywriting for Wedding Planners Home Course. It walks you step-by-step through writing the copy for every single one of these pages.)

You can, of course, have additional pages, but these are the FIVE basic pages EVERY site needs. You can build the site yourself or hire a website designer to do it.

Either way, I suggest you use a self-hosted WordPress site (Check out Siteground as a host–LOVE them).

If funds are low, you can buy a pre-made template for little money from sites like BluChic, A Prettier Web or Restored 316.

While these are pre-designed templates, you can use them as is or you can hire a website design for as little as $5 from a site like Fiverr to customize an existing theme for you.

You can also hire a pro website designer that’s going to require a lot more than $5 (but sometimes you get what you pay for).

Fill each of your website pages with content that pertains to that page. Fill your blog with useful + relevant, tips, tricks, resources, articles + advice on topics that pertain to your wedding business + the wedding couples you are trying to attract.

Get Your Wedding Content Out in the Wedding Universe

While your own website + blog are ideal spots for your wedding content, you also have to spread the word to the wedding world. You can spread the word to your social media networks with one click of a mouse with tools like Loomly, Recurpost or Buffer (OK, there are some keystrokes + mouse clicking involved).

If you’re looking to put your Pinterest on autopilot (+ wedding planners + wedding pros definitely should be ALL. OVER. PINTEREST) then Tailwind is your go to tool.

Social Media for Wedding Content

Tailwind: Tailwind is a scheduler for your Pinterest pins. In fact, it is the ONLY scheduler for Pinterest. Pinterest + Tailwind are good buddies. I use Tailwind + I LOVE it. If you use my link, you get your first month of Tailwind for FREE. As a wedding pro, if you’re not using Pinterest, start using it now. Brides + grooms are all over Pinterest + Pinterest is the second largest search engine (second only to Google).

Recurpost: I am in L-O-V-E with Recurpost. It is a social media management tool like no other. Not only can you schedule your social media updates, but it puts your social media updates on autopilot (autopilot on steroids). You see, Recurpost stores your content in categories. You can create a schedule of your categories. Recurpost chooses content from your content library to share from the appropriate category (So you upload content one time and Recurpost uses it over and over again). You can also schedule updates for one-time use. Recurpost is my crush.

Buffer: Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. You can add your social media accounts, create an update one time, and send it out into the social media universe. The main difference between Buffer and Hootsuite is that Buffer does not allow you to monitor other people’s updates from your social media accounts (Hootsuite does). (HINT: If you’re solely looking for a tool to push updates out, then I like Buffer better. If you’re looking for something to schedule updates and monitor your social media accounts simultaneously, then Hootsuite is the better option.) Try Buffer FREE for 14 days.

Loomly: Loomly is a social media scheduler that helps you put your posting on autopilot. It also provides advanced analytics so you can measure how your posts are performing. You can try Loomly for 15 days FREE, no credit card, no obligation.

Email Marketing for Wedding Planners

Share the love (the content) with your list. These are your raving fans so make sure they have an insider’s view of the content. At the very least, be courteous enough to let them know when you have something new to say. When you write a new blog post, send out a notice to your email list or include the post in the next edition of your e-news.

I use and highly recommend Mailerlite. It’s a free (or low-cost option) + easy service that allows you to manage your email list AND build + send e-newsletters + email blasts that look like a pro did it.

Another free + low-cost option is MailChimp.

I’ve been using Sumo as part of my list building for quite some time now. Some big names that you probably recognize use it, too (AirBNB, theChive, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss).

Sumo is a suite of tools that help automate your business’s growth. What I love about this tool is it is something that is used by some of the biggest sites on the Internet but is also easy to use + affordable for people like me + you. (You can see Sumo in action with my corner pop-up that invites you to join my free 5-day blogging course).

Photos are Content Too

Adding photos to your textual content is like adding milk to your cereal. (Technically, photos are content too, so this might be an obvious one.)

Your posts are OK without visuals, but they are yummier with photos! Sooooooooooo many free + low-cost photo sites exist that you truly have no excuse for not adding a visually appealing photo to every page of your site + every post on your blog.

Here are a few of my faves:

  • SC Stockshop: Wedding Planners are always oooooo-ing and ahhhhhh-ing over my photos that I use for my blog posts, social media updates + Pinterest. SC Stockshop is one of the stock photo shops I use. If you want to pretty up your website, blog, or Instagram feed, check them out. Get 20 FREE styled stock images instantly.
  • Oh Tilly: Gorgeous stock photos are so hard to find! I refuse to pay for photos, but want them to look great as part of my blog posts or my teaser banners, or whatever! Oh Tilly is a great resource, with fab photos, and it’s free. Register on the site and she delivers FREE and FAB stock photos to you on a pretty regular basis. Sock away those photos and when you need one for something, start looking at the pics you have on hand. Download the ones you need, when you need them. She also has a paid plan. Grab 15 FREE photos today!

You can also use these photos (or your own wedding photos) to create graphics for social media such as Instagram + Pinterest with a tool like Canva (also free or low-cost options).

PicMonkey: I love this monkey! (Maybe I just like monkeys in general because I’m a MailChimp fan too.) I use PicMonkey to create my own “teaser” photos, banners, etc. You can edit a photo online, add text, and add other embellishments. Again, you don’t have to be a design genius to figure this stuff out, but it can help you look like a genius when it comes to promoting your business.

Canva: Canva has some free pro layouts for various types of promos. Some are Instagram posts, PDF docs, FB cover photos, Twitter profile backgrounds, and more. It offers some free layouts and embellishments and some are paid (I think they are like $1 for each one you use). Awesome way to create professional looking, well…almost anything.

What Else? What Else?

The truth is that I can go on for days about all of the great tools + resources you can use to create great content, but, my time is up…It’s time to put this info to good use, so go out there + do something with your content.