Content Marketing Means Wedding Business (as in $$$)

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You write or buy content. You throw said content out into cyberspace and people come to read it.

But What Does it All Mean?

It means big business, big money for you…if you do it right, that is.

Sharing content is sharing information with your dream brides. When you share information, think of it like talking with your best gal or guy pal over a cup of coffee. When you give your dream brides the info they seek, they start to build a relationship with you, your business, and your brand.

As you build trust and credibility with them, you increase your chances that they end up hiring you instead of Joe Schmoe, who didn’t share his expertise — didn’t build a relationship — with them…at all.

Think about This

You specialize in high-end luxury weddings, so your dream bride is someone who is planning to throw the wedding of the century for high society in your playground. Said bride is searching online for info about tying the knot. She comes across your site and starts to browse. During the browsing process, she comes across your blog that shares tips and advice on popular venues in the area, what brides are wearing this season, and how brides are wowing their guests when it comes to décor, favors, and more.

BAM! You’ve just become a trusted resource of information for Ms. High-Society Bride (soon to be Mrs.). She trusts you so much that she starts looking for how to hire you — and she continues to visit your blog to read more of what you have to say.

Show Me the $$$

Better yet, she tells all of her wealthy friends in her social circles, book group, and exercise class about your site, your brand, your business, and your blog.

Holy cow…that’s some big business rolling your way, and all because you shared content — you marketed your business with content marketing – that you came up with because it’s what you know.

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