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One of the most powerful website copy essentials is to…

Sprinkle in Some Street Creds

In a similar genre as the WIIFT, sprinkle in some street creds. What I mean by this is tell them WHY they should listen to what you have to say or BUY what you are selling. Do it in a way, however, that is still all about them and less about you.

Rather than saying, “I have 18 years of experience planning weddings,” say, “I have 18 years of experience helping brides turn the weddings they’ve dreamed of as a little girl into a reality.”

You get the idea.

Testimonials are another great way to let the words of your past brides and clients reveal to new brides why they should book you (and book you now). You can sprinkle testimonials throughout your copy, in the appropriate places, so that it works the magic for you.

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