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Paragraphs vs. Bullet Points

Is it better to write out your web copy in paragraphs or bullet points?

The answer is both.

You want to mix up a combo of paragraphs, broken up with bullet point lists. You also want to use sub-headers to break up your copy (so that it’s not a version of War and Peace–while a great novel, it’s L-O-N-G!).

The Reason

You have brides that read and you have brides that skim. Your goal is to catch the skimmers, so that they are sooooooo interested in what they saw during their skim-capade that they go back and READ.

Trust me, if you catch them with your bullet points and sub-headers, they will go back and read every JUICY detail.

If you don’t catch their attention…well, you know how that story ends.

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