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Mix Up Your Copy

On a recent webinar, a wedding planner asked me a great question. She wanted to know if it is better to list items out on your website instead of using paragraphs to describe service packages or other information you’re sharing with brides.

The best practice is to mix it up.

You should use some sentences and SHORT paragraphs, mixed with bullet point lists and sub-headers to break up your copy.

It helps you catch the attention of the “skim readers.” Plus, it keeps your website page from looking like it has sooooooooooo much text (that brides really don’t have the time to read if you’re not offering what they need).

If a skimmer bride finds interesting benefits and points during their skim, they go back and read everything from beginning to end. (Remember: They are information hounds) If they don’t find something of interest, they’re gone-zo.

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