Naming the Work With Me/Us Page on Your Wedding Biz Website

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Naming the Work With Me Page

Wedding planners often ask me if they have to name their Work with Me Page or Work with Us Page, Work with Me or Work with Us. My answer is that you can (+ should) name the page what you think your clients are going to recognize + relate to the most.

Work with me works best for wedding planners because if you have different packages or different options for them to choose from, this page allows you to explain each option. Some wedding planners feel more comfortable naming the page Services or even Packages. If you feel that’s what resonates with your clients the most, then name it Services (or Packages)!

Brides + grooms have spoken, though. They say that they prefer a wedding biz owner use I + me instead of us + we because it makes the company/owner seem more approachable, personal + affordable. We, us + our, couples say, makes the company seem too large, corporate + expensive for them.

It’s something to think about when you’re naming + writing the copy for this page of your website.

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