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Recycling + Repurposing Content + The Google “Monster”

When clients and I talk about recycling + repurposing wedding content, this question comes up a lot.

“Does Google penalize you for recycling + repurposing wedding content?”

Repurposing Content

It sort of depends on where you are reusing your wedding content. Generally, if you are trying to spin content so you can use it in various places without getting hit for duplicate content, then you have to change about 20% of the copy.

I’d stick to changing the intro and the conclusion.

If you are changing the format, then you probably don’t have to change any of the copy or content. For example, if you’re turning a blog post into a YouTube video, then no need to change anything.

If you’re turning several blog posts into an ebook, there probably isn’t a need to do any changes (UNLESS the flow is choppy or disjointed. Then you’d want to finesse it a bit for readability).

Learn about recycling + repurposing wedding content without having to write new content from scratch every single time.

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