Copywriting Strategies for Marketing to Brides + Grooms

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Brides are your target audience.


Writing website copy that attracts and engages these women is your goal. It’s your objective.

If your page is still blank, here are some copywriting strategies for marketing to brides to help you get a jumpstart.


Show Rather than Tell

Everyone loves a good love story. Showcase your past brides. Feature their story on your site and include a picture of the bride. Talk about the reason the bride hired you in the first place and how you were able to help her plan the wedding she always dreamed of having. Include a quote or testimonial from the bride. Testimonials pack a powerful punch. (You have to have the bride’s permission to use this info, of course.)

Offer Free Advice

I know, I know. I can feel you cringing from over here. You don’t have to give away all of your golden nuggets of knowledge and definitely hold on tight to that preferred vendor list. I’m talking about sharing tips, tricks, advice, and checklists with brides. Put your own twist on these items though to highlight why you are the expert that you are – and how you are worlds apart from your competition.

Go Behind the Scenes

Women – especially brides – hire you because they like you and they want to work with you. Yes, you have to have experience. Yes, you have to have talent. Yes, you have to have creativity. BUT, in the end, they hire you because they like you, get along with, and can relate to working with you on one of the biggest milestones in their life for the next year or so.

So, give them your background story. Share your story on your website with your picture. Do the same for the other members of your business, whether they are planners, or your support staff. It gives your company a personal feel, which is a vibe that most brides are looking for in wedding planner – someone with a personal and professional touch.

Build a Copy Strategy

When you have a strategy in place, it makes writing your copy much easier. Not only easier, but more engaging. When you manage to engage brides, you book weddings. Period. Now, go and write.

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