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We all have them — those clients that make you beam from ear to ear every time you see their phone number pop up on your phone screen or you realize you have an email from them sitting in your inbox.

Woo hoo!

These clients, my dear wedding-planning friend, is your ideal client — your dreamiest of dream couples. I mean, really, wouldn’t it be nice to make carbon copies of these two so that ALL of your clients are as wonderful as they are?

Of course! Today, we’re going to build your dream client so you can write copy + create marketing messages that engage them, create a need + desire for them to work with you + TOTALLY get them to HIRE YOU.

Who They Are

Sex:      Male       Female      One of Each

Age Range:


Current Hometown:

Type of Housing:

Own or Rent?

What They Do

Employed? Retired? CEO of a Large Corporation?


Partner Occupation:

Average Monthly or Annual Income:

What They Like to Do

  1. What are their hobbies? When they are not working + when they are not planning their wedding, what are their hobbies? What do they like to do for fun?
  2. How do they shop? What are their shopping habits?
  3. Where do they like to shop? Online or in the store? At boutiques or big box stores?

What Is Their Addiction?

What gets their motor running? What excites them? Is it their work, their lifestyle, or something else?

Put it into Pictures

Here is where you can really have come fun. Head on over to Pinterest + create a board for your DREAM clients. Find pictures that represent exactly who your dream clients are.


  • The house where they live
  • The clothes they wear
  • How their office looks
  • People that look like him/her

Once you have a full understanding of exactly who your dream clients are, it makes it much easier to write website copy that speaks directly to them, create emails that get them to hire you + create marketing messages that grab their attention + make them realize they need to work with you.

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