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As the admin for my own wedding pro group, Wedding Planners Society, and as the member of countless other wedding professional groups on social media, the #1 question I see floating around is, “What should I include in my contract for my wedding biz?”

Most wedding pros know they need a wedding contract but they’re intimidated by the legality and even the cost of putting a contract together. I think putting together a contract no matter the cost, is going to save you so much more in the long run.

AND, fortunately, there are cost-effective ways that you can put together a contract to help protect your business + save you gobs of money in the long run — not to mention the headaches + heartaches you can prevent.

One thing you want to do as a wedding pro is to make sure that you dot all you “i”s and cross all your “t”s in your client contract. You can grab a contract that is specific to your line of work in the wedding industry. These contracts have been written and reviewed by more than 20 legal professionals. You can instantly download the contract, personalize it, and start using it right away.

So there you go, my wedding planning friends. Start putting your contract together to start using in your biz today.

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