Engage & Persuade Wedding Couples with Your Copy

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Nobody likes tricks and gimmicks — least of all the wedding couples you are trying to persuade to hire you. So, I hate to call what I’m about to tell you a trick or gimmick.

Maybe it is more of a psychological game than it is anything else. Check it out, though. It works. Even your fave TV shows use it to keep you tuning back in week after week.

The Official Name

The official name of the psychological game that you’re about to play is the Zeigarnik Effect — and this is how it works.

  1. Create a story or take your wedding couples on a journey
  2. Leave out the ending
  3. Leave out the details
  4. Tease and engage
  5. Leave them hanging and salivating for more

The unofficial name of the mind-thrilling technique is creating an open loop.

See it in Action

So, this is how you create an open loop. The copy might read something like this:

Struggling to Plan Your Dream Wedding?

Wedding Planner to the stars, Imanda Planner, holds the “secret” to designing dream weddings (and it’s not what you expect it to be).

And just so you know…

The most famous of the famous point to this secret as the key to planning and hosting their dream wedding.

But…those are celebrities. What happens when a regular ‘ole couple uses the secret?

Leaves you (or your dream couples) scratching their heads, right?


You have them exactly where you want them — curious, intrigued, and dying to know more.