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Blogs are a highly effective marketing tool for wedding planning businesses of all sizes. One barrier that wedding planners have to overcome is their own way of thinking (thinking that blogs cannot possibly help boost business). A blog can increase your bookings, build credibility + book your calendar solid.

The key to a successful blog is creating successful blog posts. Effective blog posts contain information to capture the wedding couples’ attention + keep them returning to your blog for more information.

Here are the essential elements of a blog post for your wedding planning biz.

Purpose the Post

Focus the topics of your blog posts to directly relate to your wedding business + the wedding industry.

(HINT: Every post does not have to directly relate to your area of wedding planning. Just because you are a DJ, it doesn’t mean every post has to relate to wedding music. You can – and should – cover other aspects of wedding planning as well.)

Think about your audience — your niche of brides + grooms. What kind of information do they have an interest in reading that somehow relates to your business?

Some of the items you can share with wedding couples on your blog are:

  • Wedding industry news
  • News about your biz
  • Wedding tips + advice
  • How-to articles
  • Product reviews
  • Book reviews

Attention-Grabbing Headlines

The headline or title of your blog post has to grab the attention of the bride or groom right away to convince them to read the rest of the blog post. You can add a bit of sensationalism to the headline in order to accomplish your goal of making them itch to read more.

Just make sure that the body of the blog post delivers what you promise in your headline. Be creative in giving the title some oomph, so they can’t wait to see what else you have to say.

Internal and External Links

Use at least one link in your blog post. You can link to another blog post, product, service, or article on your site. You also have the option to link to an external source. Regardless of which type of link you choose, the link should also be relevant to the content of the blog post.

Links provide sources where couples can go to find additional information (HINT: The link can act as your call to action, so that you don’t have to actually put on your bossy pants — or skirt — to tell them what to do next).

Search engines also love links, so it can help your blog + your website to gain rankings in search engine organic listings. (Oh, by the way, search engines LOVE blogs so just having a blog connected to your site + adding content to your blog helps in your search engine rankings.) If you do not have an internal or external link that is relevant to the post, then it’s OK to forgo including a link.

Photo Opp

ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS include a photo (or some visual) in your post. What they say about pictures speaking a thousand words is true. Even if your headline or body copy fails to grab their attention right away, the photo (or visual) can sometimes accomplish this for you.

Of course, it goes without saying, your photo should relate + represent the topic of the blog. (In other words, don’t throw up just any old photo.)

Get Bossy

When they reach the end of the blog post (or even throughout the post), tell them what they should do now. You can include a call to action that tells them to visit some page of your site where you’re selling a product or service. You can encourage them to grab your free opt-in so they jump on your list.

A great blog post shares information with the brides and grooms so that they can implement the information or infuse the steps into their wedding planning process. BAM, it’s an indirect call to action.

Before you write your next blog post, consider these tips. Take note of the number of brides or grooms, comments, + wedding bookings before + after you implement these tips to measure the results. When you use the information on a CONSISTENT basis, you have the opportunity to increase these numbers across the board.

If you’re ready to write blog content that makes brides + grooms hire you, check out Wedding Biz Blogging eBook. It walks you step-by-step through the process of building an amazing blog, how to write + promote blog posts that make wedding couples book you.

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