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The very first thing I do with new content (after posting it to my blog) is to turn it into an email campaign to my wedding planners list. I don’t always email it out right away. Instead, I schedule it to go out as an autoresponder.

(HINT: This often allows me to have my e-newsletters done and my email campaigns scheduled well into the future, so I’m not creating these things by the seat of my pants. My entire follow-up system is just that, a system that is on autopilot.)

It’s easy for you to accomplish the same thing with your couples. You can segment your list in various ways so that you’re sharing the appropriate content with the appropriate segment of your list.

Email campaigns get your content in front of the couples you know want to hear what you have to say BECAUSE THEY SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR LIST. Include share options (forward to a friend + social media icons) to make it easy for them to share the content with their families, spouse-to-be, wedding party + even other couples that are getting hitched, so you can grow your list.

You can check out the swag I have in my bag to find out about the tools I use to create content, if you need help in that department.

So, creating e-news or creating an autoresponder is probably your most basic and obvious distribution channel. It might be something you’re already doing AND that’s GREAT! If you’re not, mark it down on your list.

You can play around + test the way you share the posts. Sometimes I post the entire article in the email so planners can read the entire thing. Other times, I tease them with the beginning of the article + then provide a link for them to lap up the juicy details by going to my blog where the article is posted.

The latter is a fab way to monitor your click-through rates, to see how many people are clicking on the links in your email (which is an indicator that they’re reading the email when they open it).

Let’s talk about lists you grab from shows that you attend.

I don’t suggest you automatically add these folks to your main list + certainly not the list that your autoresponder series goes out to. Not only is it bad business, but it’s downright illegal in most places.

INSTEAD: Create a special email for this list to GET THEM TO OPT INTO YOUR LIST. Do not (+ I repeat, do not) sell them on your services in this first email. It can come across as being sleezy, salesy + like you’re trying to cram your service (or product) down their throat.

The best way to get them to jump on your list is to offer them up some BIG JUICY FREE CONTENT. Let them now in the email that you met them at the wedding show, so they know you’re not spamming them.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Offer up your free yummy, delicious opt-in to them so that they jump on your list. As my three-year-old would say “Yum, delicioso.”

(If you need some help coming up with ideas, download my 25 Opt-in Ideas for Wedding Pros.)

Once you have them on your list, then you can continue to share info with them + move toward selling them on the idea of hiring you.

OK, so email campaigns are still the #1 way to get your info out to the wedding universe + get them to hire you.

BTW: Don’t get too hung up on the size of your list. When it comes to lists, size does NOT matter.

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