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Not only does a marketing message cater toward the brides and grooms you are trying to reach, but you should also alter it for the type of marketing piece you are creating. In order to craft the right marketing message for the right marketing vehicle, you have to determine the purpose of the piece.

Are you trying to reach past wedding couples by sending a direct mail piece to re-engage them?

Are you asking clients to take a survey so you can learn more about the people who hire you?

When the purpose of your marketing piece changes, so does the content you use to send the right message.

Check out (+ download) the Marketing Purpose Worksheet at the end.

Focus on Your Marketing Purpose for Reaching Wedding Couples

When you think about marketing your business, there are probably specific types of marketing that come to mind. You know you need a website and that the copy and the content have to be so compelling that it moves the brides and grooms visiting your site into action to become your client. When it comes to marketing, however, a myriad of marketing pieces, collateral, and information exist that wedding planners can use to reach their dream clients and convert them into paying ones.

To name but a few pieces:

  • Social media updates for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Brochures
  • Email blasts
  • E-news or hard copy newsletters
  • Articles
  • Special reports
  • Autoresponders/Email marketing series
  • Press releases
  • Ebooks
  • Case studies

Not only are these but a few of the marketing pieces you may need and use in your business, the type of copy or content that goes into these pieces is imperative. Since each marketing piece has its own purpose, make sure you understand the reason behind creating the marketing piece before you sit down to design it, write copy for it or distribute it. The purpose of the piece affects the format you use, the words you use, and the content that each piece contains.

For example, the copy you use in a marketing brochure is very different from the information you share in a wedding industry or wedding planning article. The ultimate purpose of both pieces is to get the attention of your ideal clients and turn them into paying clients, but the approach is different. For example, brochure copy uses more of a direct sales approach, while articles use an informational and indirect sales approach.

When you fully understand the purpose of the piece you are writing copy for, then you can write in a way that speaks directly to the dreamiest of dream wedding clients you’re trying to attract.

Deciding on the purpose of the marketing piece you are writing is two-fold.

  1. Determine what it is you want the bride or groom to do after reading what you write.
  2. Determine what the wedding couple is looking to glean from the marketing piece they are reading.

Once you know both purposes for the piece, then you should match these two elements to create copy that meets both needs. Knowing what the purpose of the piece is, helps guide you into including all of the information and components of writing marketing copy that particular piece entails. 

Let’s review some of the purposes of some of the marketing pieces you may be writing copy for to use in your business.

Social Media Updates

When you update your social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, shoot for an 80/20 purpose. For 80 percent of the updates you send, share information such as an informational article or blog post — either your own or one written by someone else. You can accomplish this with the title of the article and then a link for them to read the entire article, if they so desire. You can also use the formula where you state a problem and offer a solution, including a link to the article or blog post for additional information.

For the other 20 percent of the time, make sure you are promoting your business, products, or services. Social media updates allow you a few characters to say what you need to say, so you have to be able to say it quickly and intriguingly enough to get their attention. For example, with Twitter you have to get your point across in 140 characters or less.

Keeping it short is perfect because it requires you to come up with something snappy to say. Once you say it, almost all of your updates should include a link where readers can go to get additional information on the update. The link may be to the blog post you wrote on the topic. The link could be to the article that a fellow expert in the wedding industry wrote. The link may also take them directly to the special promotion page of the service you are promoting.


A brochure tends to be a piece of marketing collateral that you hand over to someone who is requesting more information about your business (especially at venues such as bridal shows). You can also use a brochure as a lead-in to starting a conversation with a prospective bride or groom.

For example, if you meet someone at a bridal show that is a potential client, you may have a brief conversation and hand over a brochure. The brochure should then lead them to the next step in your sales process, which many be to visit your website, call you or schedule a consultation appointment. A brochure does contain information, but it is written in such a way that is a direct sale of you, your wedding biz, and the services you offer.

Email Blasts

Whether you call it an email, email blast or email promotion, essentially it is an electronic version of an advertisement. These emails go to your subscribers or people that have opted-in to receive information from you. It’s also worth mentioning that email promotions can be very effective, no matter how big or small your subscriber list is. It’s quality over quantity in these situations, and as you continue to grow your list, you’ll have quality and quantity on your side.

The primary purpose of an email blast is to bring awareness to your subscribers. You can use email blasts to promote a product or service. Email blasts can go out to your list when you add a new article or blog post to your site to drive traffic to that page. You can also send out an email blast to request your subscribers complete a short survey so you can get to know them better. The possibilities on the reasons you send email blasts are almost endless.


An e-newsletter is a great communication tool to stay in touch with your existing subscribers. It can also be a great tool for attracting new subscribers and growing your list. When your e-newsletters look professional, contain useful and interesting information, and find the right balance between information sharing and promotion, newsletters are a powerful marketing tool for your wedding business. The bottom line of a newsletter is that it is a communication tool where you share relevant and useful information with the readers — info all about weddings.

A newsletter is mostly information sharing, but it is appropriate to include some promotional content alongside the informational content. The primary purpose is to use the newsletter as a touch point with clients and to build credibility with your audience, so they see you as a wedding expert — actually so the see you as THE wedding expert — and a resource for information.


Article marketing is writing informational articles on topics related to planning a wedding. You can publish these articles on your own site or on wedding-industry sites (or even in print publications, like wedding magazines). Articles help you to share relevant and useful information with brides and grooms.

By posting these articles to your website, you attract brides and grooms searching for the wedding planning info you’re sharing. By posting these articles online, you can drive new traffic to your website. You can use articles to build trust and a relationship with your audience, which propels them to want to work with you.

Special Reports

The purpose of a special report is to share information on a wedding topic. Typically, a special report is a giveaway as an incentive for brides and grooms to jump on your list. You can also send out a special report to the brides and grooms that are already on your list as an additional benefit for being on your list. The primary purpose is to paint yourself as the wedding expert you are. By sharing information in your special report, it should make brides and grooms want to dial you up, work with you, and hire you once they reach the end.


Autoresponders are a series of emails that you schedule to go out to your entire list and segments of your list automatically. The purpose is to stay in consistent contact with your audience without having to manually do it every time someone joins your list. The use of autoresponders is almost endless.

Since it is a series of emails, some of the uses of autoresponders are the same as your uses for email blasts. For example, you may write a series of autoresponders to go out to the customers who hire you for a service, and then create a different series for those that have yet to hire you.

Press Releases

The two types of press releases are traditional and search engine optimized (SEO). You send the traditional press releases to publications or journalists. An SEO press release is posted online, on the other hand, to garner the attention of publications, journalists, writers, clients, search engines, and brides and grooms who are online searching for what you offer.

Both types of press releases can garner the attention of journalists, bloggers or publications to intrigue them enough to cover a story on your business, you or your service. The purpose of SEO press releases goes a step further though because it can help drive traffic to your website too because clients often stumble across these announcements as well.


Experts write books. Since getting a book published by a publisher is a difficult, complicated and long process, you can become a published author by writing an ebook. Ebooks allow you to share your expertise in a longer format than an article or blog post allows you to do.

Case Studies

Case studies cover a specific client or wedding. Typically, you use case studies to illustrate a specific client and present the issue they were having with planning their wedding and how you were able to resolve it. The point is to help other potential clients to see their own wedding in the case study. In other words, they identify with the bride or groom in the case study and then seek the same resolution for their own wedding.

When you know who your audience is and the purpose of the marketing piece, you can start putting your content together.

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