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Guest post by Divine Mwimba

Wedding professionals are always seeking new ways to capture more leads for their wedding business on an ongoing basis. Understanding the fact that more leads via email or phone inquiries will equal more wedding bookings. Easy right? Not for a lot of you!

How many leads are you currently capturing from your website or marketing efforts? If you have a great website, you should be receiving on average about 10 quality leads a week. Out of this, you should be able to meet at least 5 potential clients and close about 3 weddings. Wouldn’t that be great?

How to get leads when you are new to the Wedding Business

So how can you capture these leads if you are new to the business and you have a new website?

We are going to create a list of places and areas you can use to generate leads for your wedding business.

  • The number one source of referrals is from Google! Brides should be able to type in Google the type of services they are looking for and your company should pop up through the search engine.
  • Blogging – This is the second source of a referral system that you should utilize to attract brides. It’s easy, free, and it is an amazing way to capture leads. Blog about what your ideal couples could be searching for. Be specific, be consistent, and blog often.
  • Vendor referral – If you are new to the business, try meeting and networking with different vendors that will attract a similar client that you want to work with. Brainstorm the different ways you can benefit each other and come up with a referral system.
  • Bride referrals – If you have worked with one or two brides (either by volunteering your services the first time or they were paying clients), get the brides to refer you. Use a great referral system and introduce this system to your past and current brides. The best way is to offer some sort of an incentive for any referrals they bring you. This works every time.
  • Wedding/ Bridal shows are the best way to get your first few weddings. Invest in a reputable wedding show. Ensure your booth, marketing material, and your approach is well positioned to capture brides. Collect those email addresses and have a great follow-up system.
  • Social media is where all the brides hang out. Join Facebook groups, create a Facebook page, and have a marketing system in place. Post frequently, post educational information as well as past projects. Focus on 2-3 social platforms instead of utilizing every platform out there. The suggestion for wedding professionals is Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Are you set up on any of these social platforms?
  • Guest Blog posting will give the traffic you need to boost your wedding business. You will be tapping into traffic and leads that is new. Network with vendors in your niche and see if you can guest blog on their platform. It’s a great way to make connections too.

These are our top suggestions on capturing leads when you are new to the wedding business. A few other suggestions include paid online advertisement, print advertisement (such as in a popular wedding magazine or leads generating sites such as Eventective), and radio ads.

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Now that you have a list of different ways to capture wedding leads, how can you utilize it to get the best results?

Focus on one or two items on the list. I would recommend vendor referrals and wedding shows (Add a blog in there if you can.). See how this helps you out. Then, you can start experimenting with the other lead referral systems. Once you know where your leads are coming from, focus on that stream of lead referrals and make it better.

We recommend expanding and exploring one option that really works. It’s better to build on a system that is already working for your business than trying to do everything thing else. So do more of what is bringing you more leads. If blogging helps you, think of blogging 5 times per week instead of 3 times. You might just double your wedding inquiries. 

How to expand on the marketing efforts that is already working.

Are you getting more of your wedding leads and business from a particular wedding vendor? How can you encourage and grow this more? Example: If you are a Wedding DJ and a particular wedding venue is consistently referring you, expand on this by nurturing that relationship.

  • Meet up with the venue during slow season and thank them for their referrals
  • Offer to give out their flyers or marketing material to some of your clients. Maybe display them in your office space
  • Offer them complimentary wedding DJ services whenever they may require this
  • Go out and find other potential wedding venues that could refer you some of their wedding clients
  • Offer them special packages by discounting or better – creating some sort of upgraded package just for them

The idea is to expand on a lead generation that is already working rather than going out and trying to work on something else.

If you are already getting leads from a referral system, what can you do to better this system? Tell us below, we can give you a few more suggestions.

Divine Mwimba is the founder of Culture Chic Wedding PR Firm – a Public Relation marketing firm specializing in helping wedding professionals market and grow their wedding business. She loves all things weddings, vacationing and romantic movies. You can get in touch with her at info@culturewedding.ca or visit www.culturewedding.ca.

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