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As much as I would love to believe it, just having a bunch of content doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with it. Here, I’m going to spill the beans on all of the other aspects of your wedding business you need to put in place to make your content marketing strategy a raging success.

Wedding Business Website

Hands down, you have to have a website. On your website, you have to have a blog. The key pages your wedding business website needs:

  • Home
  • About (Me, Us)
  • Work with Me (Us)
  • Contact
  • Blog

(If you need help writing the copy or content for these website pages, check out my Copywriting for Wedding Planners Home Course. It walks you step-by-step through writing the copy for every single one of these pages.)

You can, of course, have additional pages, but these are the FIVE basic pages EVERY site needs. You can build the site yourself or hire a website designer to do it.

Either way, I suggest you use a self-hosted WordPress site (Check out Siteground as a host–LOVE them).

If funds are low, you can buy a pre-made template for little money from sites like BluChic, A Prettier Web or Restored 316.

While these are pre-designed templates, you can use them as is or you can hire a website design for as little as $5 from a site like Fiverr to customize an existing theme for you.

You can also hire a pro website designer that’s going to require a lot more than $5 (but sometimes you get what you pay for).

Fill each of your website pages with content that pertains to that page. Fill your blog with useful + relevant, tips, tricks, resources, articles + advice on topics that pertain to your wedding business + the wedding couples you are trying to attract.

Get Your Wedding Content Out in the Wedding Universe

While your own website + blog are ideal spots for your wedding content, you also have to spread the word to the wedding world. You can spread the word to your social media networks with one click of a mouse with tools like Loomly, Recurpost or Buffer (OK, there are some keystrokes + mouse clicking involved).

If you’re looking to put your Pinterest on autopilot (+ wedding planners + wedding pros definitely should be ALL. OVER. PINTEREST) then Tailwind is your go to tool.

Social Media for Wedding Content

Tailwind: Tailwind is a scheduler for your Pinterest pins. In fact, it is the ONLY scheduler for Pinterest. Pinterest + Tailwind are good buddies. I use Tailwind + I LOVE it. If you use my link, you get your first month of Tailwind for FREE. As a wedding pro, if you’re not using Pinterest, start using it now. Brides + grooms are all over Pinterest + Pinterest is the second largest search engine (second only to Google).

Recurpost: I am in L-O-V-E with Recurpost. It is a social media management tool like no other. Not only can you schedule your social media updates, but it puts your social media updates on autopilot (autopilot on steroids). You see, Recurpost stores your content in categories. You can create a schedule of your categories. Recurpost chooses content from your content library to share from the appropriate category (So you upload content one time and Recurpost uses it over and over again). You can also schedule updates for one-time use. Recurpost is my crush.

Buffer: Buffer is a social media scheduling tool. You can add your social media accounts, create an update one time, and send it out into the social media universe. The main difference between Buffer and Hootsuite is that Buffer does not allow you to monitor other people’s updates from your social media accounts (Hootsuite does). (HINT: If you’re solely looking for a tool to push updates out, then I like Buffer better. If you’re looking for something to schedule updates and monitor your social media accounts simultaneously, then Hootsuite is the better option.) Try Buffer FREE for 14 days.

Loomly: Loomly is a social media scheduler that helps you put your posting on autopilot. It also provides advanced analytics so you can measure how your posts are performing. You can try Loomly for 15 days FREE, no credit card, no obligation.

Email Marketing for Wedding Planners

Share the love (the content) with your list. These are your raving fans so make sure they have an insider’s view of the content. At the very least, be courteous enough to let them know when you have something new to say. When you write a new blog post, send out a notice to your email list or include the post in the next edition of your e-news.

I use and highly recommend Mailerlite. It’s a free (or low-cost option) + easy service that allows you to manage your email list AND build + send e-newsletters + email blasts that look like a pro did it.

Another free + low-cost option is MailChimp.

I’ve been using Sumo as part of my list building for quite some time now. Some big names that you probably recognize use it, too (AirBNB, theChive, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss).

Sumo is a suite of tools that help automate your business’s growth. What I love about this tool is it is something that is used by some of the biggest sites on the Internet but is also easy to use + affordable for people like me + you. (You can see Sumo in action with my corner pop-up that invites you to join my free 5-day blogging course).

Photos are Content Too

Adding photos to your textual content is like adding milk to your cereal. (Technically, photos are content too, so this might be an obvious one.)

Your posts are OK without visuals, but they are yummier with photos! Sooooooooooo many free + low-cost photo sites exist that you truly have no excuse for not adding a visually appealing photo to every page of your site + every post on your blog.

Here are a few of my faves:

  • SC Stockshop: Wedding Planners are always oooooo-ing and ahhhhhh-ing over my photos that I use for my blog posts, social media updates + Pinterest. SC Stockshop is one of the stock photo shops I use. If you want to pretty up your website, blog, or Instagram feed, check them out. Get 20 FREE styled stock images instantly.
  • Oh Tilly: Gorgeous stock photos are so hard to find! I refuse to pay for photos, but want them to look great as part of my blog posts or my teaser banners, or whatever! Oh Tilly is a great resource, with fab photos, and it’s free. Register on the site and she delivers FREE and FAB stock photos to you on a pretty regular basis. Sock away those photos and when you need one for something, start looking at the pics you have on hand. Download the ones you need, when you need them. She also has a paid plan. Grab 15 FREE photos today!

You can also use these photos (or your own wedding photos) to create graphics for social media such as Instagram + Pinterest with a tool like Canva (also free or low-cost options).

PicMonkey: I love this monkey! (Maybe I just like monkeys in general because I’m a MailChimp fan too.) I use PicMonkey to create my own “teaser” photos, banners, etc. You can edit a photo online, add text, and add other embellishments. Again, you don’t have to be a design genius to figure this stuff out, but it can help you look like a genius when it comes to promoting your business.

Canva: Canva has some free pro layouts for various types of promos. Some are Instagram posts, PDF docs, FB cover photos, Twitter profile backgrounds, and more. It offers some free layouts and embellishments and some are paid (I think they are like $1 for each one you use). Awesome way to create professional looking, well…almost anything.

What Else? What Else?

The truth is that I can go on for days about all of the great tools + resources you can use to create great content, but, my time is up…It’s time to put this info to good use, so go out there + do something with your content.

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